Tuesday 11.6.12

I have not posted anything bondage related since August. Since August, most things have been political, rantlings and heat box updates. With all that, when I check my wordpress dashboard I get to see all of the search terms that got people to this blog. Here’s what people are looking for:

shibari suspension 9
naked women in bondage 7
bondage tits girls nudes 6
nude female bondage 4
college bondage 4
rope bondage 3
naked man on doggie bondage bench 3
female no clothes 2
nude fat woman 2
peeling panties 2
female nude rope bondage 2
clothed shibari suspension 2
nude female models tits 2
bondage female 2
torso bondage 2
boys in bondage 2
women with no clothes on 2
naked & tied with string 2
nipples tits girls nudes 2
naked female ass 2
nude ass woman wallpaper 2
nude female ass

Damn, naked man on doggie bondage bench? Boys in bondage? Sorry, you came to the wrong place for that stuff.

Okay, okay… bondage pictures.

Kate and Karly have been excellent people to work with over the last few weeks. Here are a few of those images…

Beyond all of that, do not forget to go out and VOTE today.

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