Wednesday 11.7.12

The day after…

Obama wins. Four more years. It was a late night.

After many weeks and months of listening to political possibilities, it all came down to an Obama victory. Most of the rape guys are gone. Tammy Baldwin becomes the first female + openly gay Senator from Wisconsin.

I figured that I had listened to enough politics for a while and that I needed to extract myself in an extreme manner from all things political. How to do this…? Conservative radio. Yes. I said it and have a funny taste in my mouth or creepy feeling in my typing fingers. The internet is at my command so I found the polar opposite of anything I’m used to in the likes of Rush Limbaugh and then Sean Hannity. I assumed that listening to these douchebags would make me want to stop – cold turkey style.

What a bunch of cry babies. The gloom and doom for the next four years started today, November 7th, 2012 in case you want to mark it down somewhere. Limbaugh was just gibberish and Hannity was not much better. They find a silver lining in the Obama victory by twisting things around in such a way that they come out smelling not so much like yesterday’s pile of steaming shit. The victory proves the point that they have been making all along. (according to them) Hannity went on to say that he would not lash out at the American people for being “duped” into voting for Obama and then 15 seconds or so later lashed out at the American people saying “you deserve what you voted for.”

Last night’s early responses from the likes of John Boehner and Donald Trump were less than stellar.

Here’s what I hope… I hope that Obama reams these assholes for four long painful years. All pressure, no relief. Gonna be the party of No again? Fuck you, here’s a new play book. Going to spend too much time planning how to get more douchebag rapey guys elected in 2014? Fuck you, we’ve got work to do. The country has made a decision… they have decided that the direction we were going prior to last night is the direction we wanted. Deal with it. For you to continue to be all butt-hurt over the election is nothing more than irresponsible. People elected you to get things done, not be a cry baby. Done is done.

With that, I figured I was good to lay off politics for a bit.

Then, the Mayor called.

I am now the first alternate for the Zoning Appeals committee. Yikes.

One response

  1. I’d laugh (and point) but… I know you said yes cause you want to yell at people. 😛

    November 7, 2012 at 6:19 pm

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