Wednesday 11.14.12

DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Read it and discover for yourself all of the legal mumbo-jumbo which makes me want to close my eyes and sleep. Breaking it down: If I take a picture of something or someone I may post that image online somewhere. Usually, an Image I take has my name on it, is finished a certain way and may even include my name and copyright embedded in the EXIF data. Someone sees this picture, which was the intent… for this image to be seen by someone. That person copies the image and then re-posts it somewhere often not passing along the credit to the photographer or model. Sometimes people re-edit the image or use it in conjunction with other things… posters, advertising… and/or may even claim this image to be their own.

The DMCA protects me against this kind of thing when it happens… sort of. When someone posts my stuff somewhere, sometimes people who know me or know the image or know the individual in the image will contact me and say “by the way… I found your image over here.” I go check it out and then if I want the image removed I have to send a DMCA notice to someone.

This all happened again yesterday… several times.

The DMCA form is pretty simple and it usually works. You fill it out telling the place – in this case Facebook – that there is an image on their site that does not belong there or that someone has posted MY image on THEIR site and claims to be theirs or does not credit me in any way. You tell them which image, where it is located, where there are examples of the work in original form, your name, address, phone, email… a shit ton of info all because some lazy fuck decided to repost your stuff on his “page” on Facebook or other places on the web.

All of that takes time. I don’t ever get paid for that time. One of the other things that bothers me about this is that once in a while my work is used to illustrate something other than the original intent.

For example: This image can be found on the web in several places…

One day when I was making an attempt to track some of these down, one of them showed up in some news article in some foreign language. Using the handy Google Translator, I was able to determine that the article was about some rope guy in Europe who was partying with a couple of women one night. After clubbing, they decided to go out and play a little game… two girls suspended by the neck with one length of rope over a pipe or rail or something… the rope was only long enough for one girl to stand while the other dangled… then they would switch, kind of like a see-saw. Well, one of the girls died. This picture was used to illustrate suspension.

Yesterday, a couple of my friends discovered a particular image on Facebook. I followed up a little…

DMCA notices were sent to Facebook and some of the images were removed. Attempts to contact the person posting this stuff resulted in those people blocking me from contacting them. The owner of the page makes the following statement:

Okay, so here’s the thing, “Defensive”… you have a page on Facebook to express your views and then you illustrate your views with images all around the web. You also suggest that if people do not agree with your views, they should find another page… what you say and do goes.

You know nothing or very little about what you are really looking at in these images. You think you do and you think it fits your mindset/lifestyle. It is like using a square to illustrate a circle.

I know that I will never ever be able to chase down every image out there and places like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other blog – re-blog type of site makes it even harder. I’ll help you out though…

In 2009 I put a book together of women in rope. All of these women came into the studio to be photographed in bondage of one form or another. In reality, they are just pictures. People came in, got naked or semi-naked and I tied them up. Then, I took pictures of them. Then, I retouched the images. There was really a lot more than just that… there was communication and planning and timing and experimenting… there was lighting and equipment and materials and building sets. There was learning not only how to operate the camera under certain conditions but also learning how to work with all of these individuals. In the end, after all of my work and the work of those models there is an image. That is the end result. Then, after finding the end result of all of that work, some douchebag on Facebook sees the image somewhere and with a couple of quick clicks it is now part of their world. No, asshole, it is my world.

I now have the 2009 book available as an E-book. For the low, low price of $12.99 you can download this E-book and put it on your I – device. Here’s a link: Click Here. Now, you can take my images anywhere. Look at them while taking a shit. Look at them during breakfast. Visit your inlaws and tell them you have to take an important work call but really just look at the images of naked tied up babes. Use your imagination and pretend that they are all under your command and that you are their daddy. They will be there for you whenever you want… they are at your command.

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