Thursday 12.27.12

Trivial Crime.

Nothing as serious as gun regulation or fiscal cliffing. No, this time it is all about photo retouching. I do it. I do it with almost every image I take to some degree. It may be nothing more than contrast and color definition and it might be more extensive like adding a background or removing blemishes. I may adjust colors of skin where someone has different tones on the same body. Perhaps their hands appear to be more magenta than a neck or abdomen… I fix that. I may whiten teeth or clean up eyeballs or something. I over do it at times and should have backed off on a few fixes.

I use Lightroom and Photoshop… and within Photoshop I do use a few add-ons from time to time. I like Nik ColorEfex Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Alien Skin Exposure. For skin retouching I use the tools in Photoshop as well as a little bit of Imagenomic software. I received a few photography magazines over the holidays and noticed a couple of ads from Portrait Professional. I was amazed. I was amazed because I could not believe that anyone would have balls large enough to actually put these ads in a magazine someone might consider as a professional magazine.

I don’t know who these models are. I hope they were paid very well to have their faces butchered in a print magazine. I’ve seen other tutorials where a digital artist or retouching artist can take someone and completely remake them into an entirely different individual. These ads pretty much do just that, especially the girl on the left…


I seriously thought the images of the girl on the left were a joke. The end result picture is nice and all but where would a person use an image like that other than in an image retouching ad? If this was, for example a senior picture, who would believe it? Her friends would be critical and suggest she never looked anything like that – that the picture is a total fake. Would someone pay to have their images retouched in such a way as to visually depict a fictional person? The answer to that is yes. I once shot an “escort” who was advertising online somewhere… she was 42 and the mother of 4 or 5 kids. Now, as a 42 year old mother of 4 or 5 kids, I thought she still looked pretty good. She did not. As I retouched some of her images it became obvious that she really wanted to look like a 22 year old woman without any kids. I am not a fucking magician and I don’t deal in the dark arts.

I certainly hope that no real photographer would think they need to have this “tool” in their kit to take a decent picture of someone – no matter what they do look like. After looking at Portrait Professional I don’t feel like such a schmuck when I do this:



And now for the real crime… A while ago I mentioned somewhere that I was in fact Prom King once. I don’t know where the yearbooks are but thanks to the fucking internet… I can provide proof. This sucks…


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