Thursday 1.3.13


One Three One Three… Must be something special about today. What that is… I have no idea.

Okay, here we go.

Every once in a while you consider something and decide to comment about it. If you have already made this decision as well as the comment – out loud, you may already be in trouble. Simply put, there are times when saying nothing is probably your best bet. If you say nothing about a topic, people do not know how you feel about it. People do not know if you understand the topic at all because you have not made a statement about it. Some of us (me included) tend to speak beyond our knowledge of a topic and that sometimes gets us into trouble.

Some of us are Glenn Grothman, the Republican Assistant Majority Leader of the Wisconsin Senate, representing the 20th District in southeastern Wisconsin since 2005. Glenn had an idea or a thought that was bothering him. Instead of looking into that which bothered him to gain more knowledge on the topic, Glenn decided to speak his mind through a press release. His press release asks why we would want to celebrate Kwanzaa. With the busy times of the Holidays, family, bowl games and fiscal cliffing his little press release is just starting to make its way to the top of the WTF charts.

Let’s go to Wikipedia and get a little info on our pal, Glenn:

Concealed carry

An advocate of Second Amendment rights, Grothman is a long-time supporter of concealed carry legislation, but does not advocate allowing concealed weapons in taverns. He believes concealed carry laws would deter criminal behavior, with permits being awarded to law-abiding citizens who pass a gun safety course.

Equal pay

Speaking in support of Governor Scott Walker’s decision to repeal the Wisconsin Equal Pay Act, Grothman stated that he believes that money is more important to men than to women, and women do not therefore need as much.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Grothman has argued that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day should not be a work holiday, calling the day off “an insult to all the other taxpayers around the state”. He has expressed doubts that “state workers would be ‘checking out DVDs or reading books’ about King and would probably just be out shopping or watching television instead.” He released a statement opposing a Kwanzaa holiday, stating that we should “treat Kwanzaa with the contempt it deserves before it becomes a permanent part of our culture.”

Municipal water safety

He is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 19 (2011), which removes the requirement of mandatory disinfection of groundwater in municipal water systems, a requirement that was imposed in reaction to a Cryptosporidium outbreak in 1993, which killed at least 104 citizens of Milwaukee, and sickened thousands of others.

Sex education

He opposed a provision in a 2010 sex education law that prohibited teachers from promoting bias based on sexual orientation, saying that he did not believe the topic should be discussed at all in the public schools. According to the Capitol Times, Grothman’s opposition was based on “the belief that instructors who lead these talks would have what he called an “agenda” to persuade students to become gay.” Grothman believes the kindergarten program for 4-year-olds should be defunded by Governor Scott Walker because any academic benefits disappear by the fourth grade, and the program is used by school districts to pad their budgets to get more state aid.


Grothman opposed a bill that would increase funding for anti-smoking programs from $10 to $30 million. He believes that anti-smoking campaigns do not work, and are no longer necessary, writing “Everybody knows you’re not supposed to smoke!.” He also voted against the ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and other small business that became effective in July 2010. After the bill was passed, he introduced new legislation to allow guests to smoke in hotel rooms.

Women and single parents

In February 2012, Grothman introduced Senate Bill 507, which would amend Wisconsin statutes to emphasize single parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect. He also sponsored State Bill 202, which would have repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, saying that the “Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government.”

All of this brings me to the question that is on my mind. This is where I consider something and should remain silent because frankly, I do not know the answer. I have not researched the topic enough to make an educated statement or comment about it but just like Glenn, I’m going to say it anyway…

What the fuck is wrong with the people in Glenn Grothman’s district that compels them to keep electing this dipshit into office?

One response

  1. I’m compelled to comment… He truly IS #Winning. Oh yeah… I used a hashtag in there.

    January 3, 2013 at 3:54 pm

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