Monday 1.7.13

Recent work.

Towards the end of the year (2012) I kind of took a look at where I was with taking pictures and decided (once again) that I suck and should maybe take a little closer look at the what, the why and the how. Fortunately for me, the people that I did manage to shoot at that time were the kind of people where all I really had to do was point in their direction and press the button. In case you did not get that, that was me sucking up to anyone who was in the studio in 2012. Yeah.

I still needed to and need to (always) try to go one better. Lighting is always on my mind. Many of the people in here will tell you that I’m always fumbling with the lights, repositioning things, turning some on and some off. (They’ll also tell you that I mumble and sing along to whatever is on the Pandora as if I did not know they could hear me. That’s bullshit, I say!) Shooting one person is tricky enough with selective lighting. Add another to the mix and it gets a little trickier. Well, trickier if I want the lights to be moodier and cast light across the frame rather than just blasting them from the front.

So, my 2013 goal is to take some time to get things right up front. I’ll still tweak things in Lightroom and Photoshop, sure, but I know I need to make it better before I even get to the editing.

Saturday and Sunday I got my first chances of the year to shoot some actual humans. Kim came in to do a little fashion on Saturday and then Karly and Lilly stopped in on Sunday for a little kink. Okay, church ladies… I know you’ve recently been directed to this blog so I invite you to avert your eyes as you scroll down beyond Kim…

One response

  1. Kim seems to have the best, spiky shoes EVER!

    Sucking up? You’re welcome.

    2013? Nerd Studios and Shooting abound!!

    January 8, 2013 at 8:31 am

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