Tuesday 1.15.12

Some random thoughts about random things.

This gun thing, this debt ceiling thing… bumming me out, man. As I was randomly thinking about this and randomly looking things up I discovered that there are a crap load of “apps” that deal with guns. You can get an app to locate a gun store. You are driving along, just minding your own business when all of a sudden it occurs to you that you should have a gun. Damn… what to do? NO problemo, whip out your smart phone and find yourself a gun store. Why not? You can find everything else on your smart phone, why not a gun?

You can download apps to make you a better sniper. You can download every argument on the 2nd amendment so that when someone questions your need for a gun – you can tell them the way you see it and use notes from your app to reason it out in your “I need a gun for shit” reasoning.

There is an app available where you can point your phone at a jet and you instantly know where it came from, where it is going, the route it is taking and probably whether it is on time or not. Yeah, you need that. No, really you don’t but it is one of those things you can get for $4.99 or whatever JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN. My daughter has an app to scan bar codes on products which will tell her where else she can purchase that item at a better price. Could be useful. The thing is… it is a real time, right now information kind of thing.

So, why don’t we put some kind of chip in every gun or make it so you have to retro-fit your gun to accept a chip that will be read by any detector at a school or any smart phone app. It could tell you the history of that gun, the owner, the current state of registration, whether or not it is loaded. Why not? If people are legal about their guns, what would they be worried about? If their gun goes missing, they can locate it. Sounds too simple. I must be dreaming shit up.

Then… there is this debt ceiling thing. This should not be a big deal… it has been adjusted many times over the years – more by Republican administrations than Democrats. It is as if these guys can’t put two and two together. They do but somehow it comes out to be seven.

So… there is an app for this. Well, maybe not for those Washington folks but for your kid. The nifty app called “Mathtopia” makes it fun to memorize math facts using a simple strategy game. Now get this… your kid can play a game where he or she is not stealing a car or blowing away demons, not doing black ops in some middle eastern country – no. They are learing some damn math and the best part is – they think it is fun and challenging. Imagine that. Also imagine that your kid gets basic math loaded into his or her brain and then one day understand how to avoid going over a fiscal cliff or understand the douchebaggery by politicians when we need to raise the debt ceiling.

Yes, I know it will take time but this is a good way to start. You can check it out here as well.

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