Wednesday 1.30.12

We ended the month with snow.


Magnus. I guess since we’ve had warmer winters with less precipitation over the last few years, anything that actually looks like a winter storm is a big deal. So big that now we need to name them. I think that from now on when I make bacon and eggs I am going to keep my eye out for an extremely better or tastier breakfast and give IT some kind of name. Previously it was known only as breakfast. I’m guessing that when I accidentally drop a few too many egg shells into the pan we will have to call it Breakfast Shelly. Add some over done bacon. Breakfast Shelly straight out of the fires of hell. That will make you want to get up, for sure.

As the month winds down and I look at the stats for who reads this crap, I’m stunned to mention that this month was a record in the almost 4 years of bloggery. As of tonight (and there’s one more day to go) This thing received 10,671 views in January (Update: 11036 for January). Leading the pack was the USA with 3747 and then Germany with 1011. Tied for one view was Lebanon, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro and Zambia. Yep, no kidding.

Maybe you come in here for my salty wit and savvy writing style. Maybe you just come here to see how many times I can use the word “fuck” in just about anything I write. Perhaps you come to see silly things I shoot, like this:


A food or potato ricer! This is actually about 5 images shot with a couple of flashlights and then composed in PS. Nothing was changed or altered, it is simply the result of selective lighting. I recently was looking at ways to make better hashbrowns and one of the suggestions was to grate the spuds and then squeeze out as much excess moisture as possible using a ricer. I was amazed how much juice is in a potato. So far, the hashbrowns are better and getting better but I’m not where I want to be with them yet. Once I master them breakfast will have a whole new scary tasty name.

Or, maybe you all come in here to see boobs and rope and stuff like that. We have that too…



And you wonder if it is cold in Wisconsin this time of year. I blame Euclid, Athena, Khan, Magnus, Freyr, Orko, Ukko, Waldo, Draco, Rocky and Gandalf. Waldo will be that storm you can’t seem to locate right away.

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