Tuesday 2.5.13

Listening to the radio during the day, every day… I can usually tell when there is not a whole lot of anything exciting going on in the news. That can be a good thing I suppose if it means some nut did not go shoot up a school. I guess one nut did abduct a kid and hold him hostage for several days in a bunker until they picked him off but other than that, the radio people recycled news stories for days until it was time for the Superbowl.

There was a story about some guy who wanted to put down his dog because he thought it was gay. That dog enjoys life elsewhere today. There have been debates about the “real” intent of the 2nd amendment. The NRA continues to hammer out the thought that the government is coming for your guns. President Obama shoots “skeet.”

And, it continues to snow.


Come along as I show you the same view I see out my window. I’ve shot this place a gazillion times by now. This was today:


This was the other night. I tried a couple of long exposures with an added flash:



As I was doing this, I was sipping coffee from my brand spanking new thermal coffee cup. Here is the result of that:


I also took a crack at some long exposure light images… kind of Pollock-ish:


Beyond all of that, I painted a couple of signs for the local floral place to shame or guilt people into buying Valentine’s Day flowers. As that was going on, one of my regular customers came in just to shoot the bull, I guess.

We talked about the snow and we talked about tractors. He paints tractors and I make labels for the tractors that he paints. This man has a particular way about telling a story. One day I will record him and type word for almost word what comes out of his mouth. Yes, I can understand almost anyone. He speaks English but you almost need a translator. Watching him tell any story is as much fun as figuring out what the hell he is even talking about. It is like watching a stand up comic when they tell you a story with multiple characters involved. For each character, he turns the opposite direction. Once in a while he will look directly at you but I think that is only to see if I’m still paying attention.

Setting it up for you, he has a Grandson named Michael who lives with him and works on garden tractors. I think this is pretty cool, actually. The kid is 12 or so, is refurbishing old lawn tractors to use and to sell so he can upgrade to bigger and better equipment. He’s learning small engines and how to use a wrench. This is something that will probably come in handy in a few years. He does not spend all of his time gaming.

So, today’s story went something like this: (him talking and taking all parts)

“Knock on wood, none of us has been sick much so far this winter… ‘cept for Michael. Michael got THE DIARRHEA. Yep, one day he called from the school. Grandpa, I got THE DIARRHEA. (he looks the other way when he takes the part of Michael’s voice) You got THE DIARRHEA? I called the wife and told her that Michael called from the school and said he had THE DIARRHEA. (now turning another direction as he does his wife’s voice) THE DIARRHEA? Well you better get up to the school and bring him home! (now he is himself again) So, I got in the Dodge and went up to the school… I went in and told the woman that I was here to pick up Michael ’cause he got THE DIARRHEA. I brought him home, he had some soup and slept the rest of the day and the next day he was fine.”

That was the story. What I want to know… after hearing that what is the difference between any diarrhea and “THE DIARRHEA”?? Is THE DIARRHEA something special like the black plague or (I know someone will like this line) Drug resistant Tuberculosis?

More of my exciting life as it happens. Thanks for tuning in.

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