Monday 3.25.13

I did it again. I watched Wayne LaPierre on the Sunday’s Meet the Press. The first words out of his mouth on Sunday, in response to a question asked about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s thoughts on gun control were that we are a country of the people, by the people, for the people. Wayne, I’m a people.

I can not believe that we the people are buying the non-statements that this guy continues to make. Usually, when you want to make a point about something… you actually do it. You state the problem as you see it and then use words to describe the facts about potential outcomes to that problem if a thing is or is not done to rectify the situation. You may then offer a plan of action that will solve the problem.

Wayne LaPierre is not solving anything. The Wayne LaPierre and NRA tactics on this campaign have been a lot of talk about absolutely nothing factual. In fact, I believe that if they get their way, nothing will be done at all OR things will be tangled up in red tape for years and years. In the mean time, more unnecessary gun deaths will take place in the United States.

One of his (LaPierre’s) points is that we need to fix our broken mental health system. Instead of universal background checks, we need to document everyone who may qualify as having a mental illness of some kind. Well… what exactly does that mean? I’ve read where addiction to coffee or cigarettes can be considered a mental illness. If this is the case, does that disqualify a person from passing a background check on a gun? There are tons of undiagnosed mental illnesses out there as well as all kinds of other things that may or may not kick you into the mental illness group. You had a bad day… those damned kids were in your flowers again. You yelled at them or turned the hose on them. Everyone now knows that you are some kind of nut job. Do you get to have a gun? I’m not sure where figuring a person’s mental health fits into current background checks but if their (the NRA) plan is to not allow UBC unless the criteria for mental health is added and/or changed… it could be years and years away. Most likely, this is exactly what the NRA wants. Deflect the attention away from the real problem and create something else to focus on… because we are all six years old.

I believe that Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are very craftily presenting a message that sounds like a message but in reality is nothing but random talk to scare Americans into thinking something bad is going to happen. They suggested “putting a good guy with a gun” in place to take care of the bad guy with a gun. Who pays for that? They continue to remind us in every speech since LaPierre’s message one week after the Sandy Hook shooting that they have offered this suggestion to the government. This is an answer to something? Ok, look… I’ve suggested that we need to do something about new sources of energy. Other people have done the same thing. Does that mean we are no longer an oil consuming country? No.

They talk about what could “possibly” happen if there is a UBC. The data could be published in a newspaper. The data could be hacked. They talk about how an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is a weapon on “the low-end of the power spectrum.” So, what that means is this… it still kills you. An AR-15 with a 30 round magazine will kill you three times the amount of a 10 round magazine. You only had to be killed the one time. A very small-caliber .22 will bring down a 1500 pound steer with one shot. I know this. I’ve done this. So, if someone “knows” who has a gun or where that person lives… they are a target for criminals? Dude, that person has a gun. Or maybe the clever criminal will use the information to determine who does NOT have a gun and then go steal THEIR stuff. Careful, criminals… there may be knives or baseball bats or a dog or something else in that house. Just a heads up.

In keeping with Wayne LaPierre and the NRA’s method of fear mongering speeches peppered with fragments of text from the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address, I’ll just suggest that it is a great possibility that Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are borderline criminals for what they are doing. The NRA could be a great thing and actually does do some good things. It also screws with your mind and wants to convince you that you are in much need of a weapon. What kind of person are you to not buy a weapon to protect your family, your neighborhood, your country? Wayne LaPierre’s job possibly could be to make sure Wayne LaPierre continues to have a job. It is also possible that Wayne LaPierre sounds more and more like a whiny little bitch every time I see him make another speech – but I could not say for sure.


3 responses

  1. Sadly… I will be putting a little money in Mr. LaPierre’s pocket indirectly this year… I will be acquiring a .22 to deal with “varmints trying to get in my hen house”. But, I live in the sticks… and I have local varmints… and I’ve taken and passed a Hunter’s Safety course.

    March 26, 2013 at 7:55 am

    • jsvexperimental

      I don’t have any issues with that use of a firearm at all. A firearm is a tool just like a pair of vice grips in my tool box. The difference is in how these tools are used and the motivation to obtain one. I use a the vice grips to do all kinds of things… hold something, turn something, bend, clamp, even pound something. They are handy as hell for all kinds of things around the house. The gun as a tool is used primarily to kill something and yes… there are some things out there that could be, or should be eliminated.

      Back when I was butchering cattle there was a day when the hired man who worked on the farm next to the meat plant burst through the back door of the locker plant. “Quick!!! Grab your .22 and come over to the hen house!!!”, he yelled. I did. By the time I got over there, which was probably no more than a minute or two, a weasel had killed something like 17 chickens. Others were messed up slamming themselves into the corners of the chicken house just trying to get away. The weasel was quick and got away. There was no need for me to shoot anything. Later, trapping the weasel was the route taken to eliminate that problem.

      Shooting a weasel is something you do, if you can get there in time. There does not have to be much discussion about it. It is a weasel. It does not communicate with you. When the weasel is not killing your chickens, you don’t care what the weasel is doing. Go ahead, live a long and happy weasel life… just stay out of my chicken house. You don’t need an AR-15 to shoot a weasel.

      A weasel is a very real threat and we have proof that the result of letting the weasel into the chicken house is death to chickens and loss of your property as well as future property (eggs). Wayne LaPierre is suggesting all kinds of things that may or could happen as a result of Universal Background Checks. Your 2nd amendment right is violated. The government is coming to get your guns. UBC lists will be used in negative ways. None of this has been planned or ever been done. No one is taking away anyone’s 2nd amendment rights and no one will prevent you from trying to shoot that weasel in the chicken house.

      In the end, I could probably use a pair of vice grips to fix a gun but I don’t think a gun could ever fix my vice grips. So… vice grips = win.

      March 26, 2013 at 8:25 am

  2. Josh Zytkiewicz

    My problem with “putting a good guy with a gun” anywhere is that it’s hard to find out who the good guys actually are. From just one day on there’s reports of domestic battery, sexual assault of a child, child pornography, fraud, hit and run, excessive force, and damage to property.

    I know the vast majority of police officers are good people. But wearing a badge doesn’t magically make you good.

    March 28, 2013 at 8:14 am

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