Friday 5.24.13

Serious attempts. I’ve made several serious attempts over the last couple of weeks. Attempts to get some work completed and out of the shop. Some shop cleaning. Attempts to actually put things away when I get done with them. Attempts to stay ahead of the growing lawn. Attempts to write something here on the blog. I’ve even made attempts to follow up on the gun control thing and proceed with debunking and demystifying Glenn Beck – which is no easy or non nauseating task as I’ve actually purchased one of his books and have been listening to his radio program. Good thing I have a high gag threshold. More on GB in another post.

Too many other things have happened in the news since I last ranted. Girls found in house, tornadoes in Oklahoma, guy associated with bombers killed, IRS takes a shit, coverups, Weiner runs for Mayor… the list goes on. I’ll just focus on my own crap for the moment.

We finally installed this sign that has been in the shop for several months.




I was able to arrange a few people to help me install. Thanks to Scott, Dan, Dave, Ronnie and Tanya for a boost.

Our tree in front of the house exploded for about 4 days then faded to a very light pink. All of these blooms are gone now.


A Brew Crew golf cart…


And, some old school hand painted pinstripes and lettering:



Shop cleaning:



Some rope work:


Next up: GB, what a con man… indeed.

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