Saturday 6.1.13

The boys over at Fox News got their misogynistic asses reamed the other day. You know how you are just sitting around thinking you have not heard any really stupid shit come out of the mouths of somewhat prominent individuals recently? All you have to do is wait another day or so and there it is. Maybe it is some rapey thing or maybe it is some slut comment. You never know, but then you hear it and think “Damn, did you really just say THAT?” You can see Megyn Kelly ream her co-workers right here:

Which brings me to today. Our sidewalks needed some attention. They needed to be edged as the grass was concealing about 25% of the actual sidewalk. I suppose this happens after 100 years or so. Over the last couple of days, I decided I better take care of this. The sidewalk now looks awesome and big enough that I think we should have an entire block party right there on the sidewalk now. There was a concern about how I was going to deal with all of the sod I had removed. Lucky for me, I have a couple of places on the shop property that could use this sod. In the front of the building someone had placed 3 railroad ties out front… I suppose when they were new it looked okay and worked as a buffer when people parked close to the building. No idea how long they’ve been there but they were in bad shape… sunken, broken, rotten. I figured I could pull them out and stuff some sod into the holes.


It worked pretty good.


While I was digging out the old railroad ties, a guy showed up to discuss some work that I will do for him. Did you ever see the movie “Office Space”? Remember the character played by Gary Cole? Remember what a total douchebag that guy was? Well, this guy shows up as I’m digging out the ties. He asked me if I had received an e-mail that he had sent me with information on what he needed on a banner. I did. He reminded me that for a similar banner (in size) I had charged another guy 45 bucks. “So, this will be about 45 dollars? Maybe draw me up a couple of examples so I can see what we are looking at.” Hey, for 45 dollars, I just make you a fucking banner and you like it. Done deal. There will be NO examples and back and forth bullshit. (okay, there probably will be because I’m that fucking nice) So, here he was… a middle aged dude who had not a speck of dirt or sweat on him as I was digging out these ties. He was extra clean. Clothes were crisp. He actually did have a large coffee in his hand. He had one of those “older guy with a youthful haircut” things going on.

And then he decided to pontificate. He asked what I was doing. I told him that I was taking out the ties and would fill the space with the sod I was removing at home. His suggestion: “Maybe you should plant flowers there. Just get the wife to come down here and plant some flowers for you, it’ll look great.” I responded that in our family, I was the flower guy.

Just get the wife to come down here? Really? Right in front of me? Right in my fucking face? Really? 45 bucks… yeah, I’m going to have to reconsider this one.

The re-claimed sidewalk:


Flowers my wife planted. Not that she’ll just drop all kinds of shit and run somewhere to enhance your property – but she could.


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