Tuesday 6.4.13


So, I’ve been told…

Evidently, when I sleep I go to some magical and mystical other dimension. This place is full of strange and wondrous topics, situations and experiences. While I’m on the other side I have conversations that are heard in real life. I have no recollection of ever being there other than what I hear sometime later in the day.

Last night’s adventure went something like this…

I yelled out. Evidently I was having a real time cramp in my foot. I don’t even remember which one it was. My bed partner asked me if I was okay. Interrupting her sleep to have to take me to the hospital would have been a huge inconvenience. She told me that she was concerned and wondered if she would have to call an ambulance if I was having a big heart attack or something.

I was still on the other side but I responded in real life: “I’ll call an ambulance! That’s what they were invented for! Someone probably needs one so I’ll just call for one and they can go get the person who needs one. It will save a lot of time.” It all made perfect sense. Well the audible words in English made sense, I suppose. When asked about what they were invented for I went on to explain…

“Stuff needs to be invented for a purpose. Some guy did not simply invent the Iron because he had an empty spot in the cabinet in which to place it… “hey, this shelf is empty… You know, if I invent the Iron, we could keep it right there!” There’s a reason for all of this stuff!”

I may be paraphrasing what was actually said but it went something like that.

This morning I was asked if my foot was okay. I said it hurt a little and wondered what I did to it. After that, I heard the “rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey might have said.

Good Day.


One response

  1. I still say you have some of THE BEST stories!

    June 5, 2013 at 8:41 pm

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