Tuesday 6.11.13

“That bitch crossed my line… why would she do that to me?” These epic words poured out of the mouth of 27 year old, Taylor Chapman as she digitally recorded herself seeking restitution after not receiving a receipt while making a purchase a Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Evidently, if you do not receive a receipt from DD when you make a purchase, your order is free.

Taylor entered the same DD where she was previously wronged, armed with her cell phone camera. She explained the situation to some young worker and demanded that she should absolutely get her order again but this time for free. The young man was polite and filled the order. While all of this was going on we discover that Taylor has a degree in business. We also discover that Taylor’s grasp of the English language is sketchy and heavily peppered with profanity as well as racial slurs. All in the name of justice.

At some point in the video she says “Even if they hock a loogie and shit in it I don’t even care.” She added, “‘Cause one time they pissed in my fries…literally I could smell the piss in it.” She then goes on to explain that she is just going to give the order to her boyfriend anyway. Hey, boyfriend… you need to reconsider your relationship with this woman. She’s willing to feed you food that has been defiled and “does not even care.”

You can watch the whole horrible experience right here:

As a business owner who has not pleased everyone I’ve ever worked for or with, I would offer this… First, we don’t know how the female employee handled Taylor’s order other than the fact Taylor somehow did not receive a receipt. Second, for 8 minutes and 9 seconds during her awful tirade, those DD employees acted very professionally. They acted way above and beyond what most of us would expect when you consider Taylor’s behavior and her extra efforts to be just plain nasty.

I would not have handled it as well. You don’t like what I gave you? Let me try to make it right. I’m not in the business of alienating people, unless those people act the way you did… went home and mulled it over and felt that you were wronged in such a manner that you should not only bring it up but devise an entire plot to get your revenge. Perhaps you (Taylor) simply went in there with no plan other than to record it and see how they would react and then pulled the rest of your tirade out of your rear end for the next 8 minutes and 9 seconds. Not only did you act like a complete jerk, you went the extra mile to make a couple of racial comments as well. These kids are just doing their job. If they do their job as well as it looked dealing with a customer like you, I imagine that they are super excellent when dealing with non-assholes and less pressure.

If I was a DD owner and had to make a few policies, I’d remove the “You get your receipt or it is free” policy right now. Change that to “If I did not give you a receipt, I will apologize and give you a new fucking receipt. You’ll probably just throw it away, litter with it or leave it on the counter anyway. After that, I’d hire a couple of large individuals to be on hand for no other reason than to watch out for dipshits with a recording device and a chip on their shoulder. Your order was not right? Here’s what you do: write a letter to the company and use words that don’t make you sound like a moron who just wants shit for free while tearing down the workers. Once I see you walk into my store with your recording device and revenge on your mind I call someone to escort you out of the building and away from other customers. You’ll be given names and addresses for your letter and we here at DD go on with our day.

Talk about crossing the line. Indeed. You (Taylor) were so far over the line it would take a search party to find it.

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