Thursday 6.13.13

Thursday in Wisconsin.

Did a little painting and lettering this week…




This last truck… the tag line started out as a joke. It is Fenrich Farms but being the smart ass that I am, when I was lettering one of their trucks several years ago I added “If it ain’t Fenrich, it ain’t farmin’.” They decided they liked it and it has been their motto ever since.

Beyond that, we are now the trans-vaginal ultrasound state. Not surprising that the bill was passed… when complete dickwads are in control of things that is the way it goes. They have the majority, they know how the vote will go and YET, they have to present themselves in the most hostile-non-professional manner. You can probably go to WisconsinEye to see the actual debate and vote in the Senate. If not there, it is all over the web.

When I was on the Plan Commission, and fairly new to it… we were discussing some topic that I can’t remember. Whatever it was, it was something that could have gone either way and there was a need to discuss or hear reasoning from both sides. At this time, we had a new Alder person as a member of the Planning Commission. We were (at least in my mind) right in the middle of the discussion on the issue and this Alder person made a motion to end the discussion and immediately take a vote, no debate… you have to shut the hell up and do it RIGHT NOW. I was kind of blown away. You have a rule that allows this? Yep.

On one hand, I can see that this is a tool used to not allow a discussion to go on forever. On the other hand, it can also be used to END debate and END discussion when it is convenient for someone, for whatever reason. In this case, as in several of the cases in the Wisconsin legislature over the past couple of years, it was abused.

These people are our elected officials who represent us. We’d like to think they are reasonable and professional people. What I saw in this abortion bill debate was hostile, angry, condescending and demeaning. How do you get away with stuff like that? If you acted that way on your job, you’d be called in for a little discussion on how to behave – maybe – and then after that your ass would be out the fucking door.

I think I’ll just go paint and letter some other things. “If it ain’t fucked up legislation, it ain’t Wisconsin”… think that will stick?

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