Monday 6.24.13

Balancing light…


I’m always a little lost when I leave the studio and go outside. Out there I have to deal with mother nature, the sun, time, bugs and other things like hiking down into a location like this. The shot above was taken a year or so ago. You can see the small creek. Usually, this is as much water as I’ve seen in there, other times it is dry. Since we are having an abundantly wet summer, there was plenty of water rushing through there on Saturday when Karly and I hiked in for a shoot.

The idea here, for me, was to make an attempt to balance ambient light with a strobe/speedlight. After dousing with Deep Woods Off, we were on our way. This place is a super double secret undisclosed location just south of the Wisconsin state line. In order to get here you have to walk until you get to the edge of the woods (upper left corner of picture above) and then down the side of the hill, over the creek bed and there you go. I used my Yongnuo flash/shutter triggers to fire a speedlight into an umbrella. In post, I cleaned a couple things up and made the water look a little less like the muddy run-off that it was right after a rain.

KarlyK-0178This was shot manually, hand held, ISO 100, 27mm, f3.5, 1/80sec using a Canon 50D using a Tamron SP 17-50. It was shot like this:


I’ll keep working at it. It was a little more work than staying in the studio but it was fun work and the results turned out favorable.


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