Wednesday 6.26.13

Rain. More rain on the way. When I checked out the weather for last Saturday last week, there was a weird symbol that I had not seen before:

WeatherSomeone thought it might be 100% chance of bacon. I think it meant get the F out of town… there’s gonna be a flood. Well, today is flood day. I noticed the water creeping up towards the shop this morning:


Then, I decided to check out a couple other areas. Some streets are closed in anticipation of higher water. The bridge at the park is under water and the spillway at the lake is pretty aggressive looking.




I decided to go with it…


5:10 pm or so:


And… update: Thursday Morning…


We took a walk to view the high water last evening. We made our way through town and eventually into the park from the upper entrance. We followed a couple with a dog… the lady grabbed a couple of dog poop bags from the handy dog poop bag dispenser located just under the sign I had made for this particular service. As we walked down the hill towards the lake we could see 2 police department vehicles near the overflowing bridge. I heard someone yell “The park is closed!” We continued on past the fishing limit signs I had made for the park last year. On the other side of the bridge is the swimming pool – closed yesterday because you could not get there. The pool is also full of signs made over the years. We continued to walk.

As we approached the lower exit, a squad car pulled up and the very nice officer said something like “sorry folks, the park is officially closed… we need everyone to leave.” Then he went on to mention that they did not have any actual “Park Closed” signs, only some road closed signs from the street department. I told the nice officer that I knew a guy who could make some signs. Of course, my walking partner decided to also offer name, exact address and stuff with extreme emphasis as if this cop cruising by would remember or write it down. Ahh, networking.

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