Thursday 6.27.13

There have been a lot of concerns about the zillions of plastic bags we receive from most of the places we shop. Most of what you have read about plastic bags is true. Plastic bags kill wildlife, cause pollution, clog landfills and indirectly raise the price of food at the grocery store. Ordinary polyethylene shopping bags do NOT biodegrade; they photodegrade. They break down into ever smaller and smaller particles of plastic in the environment, all the while releasing harmful substances into the soil and water. More and more communities are considering bans on these bags.

We have them. We have lots of them. I actually like them when I go to the store as when I’m bringing things into the house, I can carry several bags in one hand. We use them as trash bags and to collect precious items from the cat’s litter box.

Recently, I decided I would refinish a couple of old rocking chairs that had been sitting in the shop for the last 13 or so years. The finish on the first one was not too bad. I think it had been refinished before. I did tear it down, strip it with Formby’s, glue it back together and upholster it. The second chair which is not shown here has very heavy black-ish varnish. The wood grain is excellent but getting there takes a lot of cleaning.

I’ve been using both Formby’s and another refinishing stripper from Ace. Both kind of melt away the old built up varnish. They also eat you. This is why you should wear some protective gloves when refinishing. I purchased some gloves that were supposed to be resistant to chemicals found in these strippers… but they were no good. A combination of stripper with steel wool action on this wood eats these gloves pretty quickly.

So, I recalled the talk I had been hearing about these plastic bags…


What if I used some of those plastic bags?


Guess what? They work great. The caustic stripper does pretty much NOTHING to these bags. I would guess that if I wanted to, I could clean those bags off and use them again and they would hold up. (I’m not doing that) I’m thinking that the green people are right in saying these bags will never go away.

Chair one – Mother-in-law and cat tested and approved…


One response

  1. That looks FANTASTIC! I might have to have a “set” in it when I arrive for Nerd Studio… if it’s still in the shop that is.

    June 27, 2013 at 9:36 pm

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