Friday 7.26.13

When I’m not sitting around here pounding out hot blog news for you… and when I’m not scaling some snow covered mountain out in Montana, you can probably find me out there doing one of my most favorite of things – breaking the law. Living here in the lush, green (for about 34 days somewhere between June 1st and October) State of Wisconsin, you would think that the only thing going on here is a Packer or Badger game, some deer hunting, some beer swilling and maybe a brat. Don’t forget the occasional tractor pull. Yes, it is exciting here just like that.

Just up the road from me is Madison, our state Capitol. The Governor, who is usually in any state but Wisconsin is Scott Walker. I suppose he has an office in the Capitol building but I’m not exactly sure why or what it is he does there since most of the time he seems to be elsewhere sharing the “tools” with out-of-staters.

Here is our Capitol building. Kind of looks like most any other Capitol building:


Many people come to this building to see the architecture and learn a little about Wisconsin. I went there today. I have not been to the Capitol since the protests in 2011 which led to the recall election of Walker – who won and is still there or in some other state.

One of the residual effects of the protests is the regular lunch hour sing-along which takes place in the rotunda. During the protests and since, the Capitol Police have been doing everything possible to minimize the “disruptions” in the Capitol by eliminating signs, banners, musical instruments, pets, shirts with slogans or anything that might indicate that there might be one or two or 2 million people who are not really satisfied with the way Scott Walker has done his job since elected in 2010. About the only thing left was your voice. You can bring your voice… and you can use it to sing familiar tunes that have had the words changed to reflect current issues and feelings.

Well, that is also now in danger (not Carlos Danger) of being eliminated. It seems that if you are a group of people of over 20 individuals and your group does not have a permit, you get arrested. The fine is around $200.00. Perhaps the Governor has finally figured out a way to generate some real money for the state since creating jobs is not doing it.

When I arrived today, there were a few hundred people milling about. Eventually, they would break into song. In the center of the rotunda was a sandwich board sign:


My sources (social media, I damn near choked just saying it) have determined that the wedding was actually held outside and was done at 11:45am. Here’s a tip for the Cap Police… have a FAUX wedding every damn day that lasts from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. There must be a shit load of interns available to marry, stand up as a wedding party and so on. Every damn day.

So, the sign evidently was bull shit. Soon after, the singing started. They even have sing-along booklets printed up if you are interested…


Looking around the room, I decided to do some quick fact checking. I approached a female wearing a shirt with some of the answers and asked if it was okay if I took a picture of her chest. She said “Certainly, since you asked so nicely.”


See that last part… “shall never be abridged” ? Sounds an awful lot like the end of the 2nd amendment. Not quite “infringed” but close. Well, the abridging started when the Cap Police pulled out the big LRAD and informed us that evil shit was about to go down.


I first noticed the Cap Cops hauling away a few female onlookers who seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with the group of singers. A few went out. Then, after several minutes another group of Cap Cops came in for another round. This time it was few of the singers. This went on and on for about 35 – 45 minutes or until about 1:00. For a while it seemed as if they were targeting mostly older females, a few singers, a mother and her son and the infirm. I guess the Cap Cops figured it was easier to maintain these types. Based on the shapes of some of the Cap Cops, I soon understood that undue stress on a Cap Cop on a humid July day might not be healthy.


Yeah, this old lady looks pretty dangerous to me. Watch out, Cap Cop, she might whip out a hug and a cup of hot chocolate.






Wisconsin. Forward. Really, FORWARD is the state motto. If you go to that link you’ll see “The state of Wisconsin emphasizes that Wisconsin’s motto symbolically reflects “Wisconsin’s continuous drive to be a national leader”. I guess I should have looked at the sign when I came up here.


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  1. Dad

    Good job sign maker!

    July 27, 2013 at 9:14 am

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