Wednesday 8.7.13

I guess if it was not for the internet, you would not be reading this. I find the internet to be full of wondrous information as well as piles and piles of stuff so stupid that you can feel your brain cells shriveling like a hot man in a cold lake. Take for example the never ending abundant supply of stupid shit you can buy. I assume people actually buy this stuff or it would not be for sale.

A couple of months ago I purchased something though Amazon. Since then, Amazon sends me emails with crap for sale which may or may not be related to my interests based on whatever it was I purchased a couple of months ago. It may have been something electronic and it may have been camera related. Whenever they have a hot camera related deal, they email me.

Today’s email was this:


Maybe my favorite part of this is that they can gift wrap it for me. But seriously… 8 bucks marked down from $8.95 with free shipping (on orders over $25). Or, I could look at the other 16 new items priced from $3.00.

OR, I could just take a fucking plastic bag and cover my own damn camera.




Since my bag was open on both ends, I used a rubber band to seal the top. I pulled the bag snugly over the lens, attached the lens hood and then ran my fingernail around the inside of the lens threads to cut a perfect hole in the bag. I have used this setup when shooting in falling snow. I don’t think my bag is any less waterproof than theirs is.

Save yourself $8.00 and don’t buy that rain cover.

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