Tuesday 8.20.13

My build a light modifier project….

We’ll see how it goes but I think I’m going to get something out of this. Taking a regular reflector cone that fits on a WS/300 light, I first cut two disks to fit on the inside of the bell. These are cut in such a way that the light output is reduced by about 50+ percent – spaced about 1/16th of an inch apart and can be adjusted to reduce the light output to zero. I added a tube and then fit the end with a grid made out of part of a ceiling panel. After fooling with it a little more, I decided to add barn doors. Everything was painted flat black except for the inside of the reflector. The barn doors are painted semi-gloss black at the moment because I bought the wrong damn paint.

A word of warning if you build something like this. The inside disks are made of closed cell PVC, the tube is a cardboard shipping container, the grid is a plastic piece of ceiling panel – the type used under a fluorescent light and the barn doors are wood and PVC. Do not use your modeling light with this… only the strobe.

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