Saturday 9.7.13

Seriously? Another table?

Yeah. The conversation kind of went like this…

Me: I’m building a gaming table.

She: No real response that I can recall until stopping in during “mid-build” and noticing a checkerboard on the top of the table. “Oh, you really are building a gaming table.” Then, “You can’t play checkers with 4 or 5 checkers, you’ll have to make more.” As I was standing there making actual checkers.

The real reason to build it was to see if I could make a table with a pop-up top. You know… so when you have snacks and stuff on your table when TV binging you don’t actually have to lean all the way over to your coffee table to feed your face – the table comes to you.

One response

  1. I do! I do! (as well as Chinese Checkers)

    September 8, 2013 at 11:02 am

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