Sunday 9.29.13

ADD woodworking and one eye keyboarding (we used to call it typing).

A billion years ago or maybe 45 or so, my Dad made a couple of box traps to catch renegade rabbits. This thing was a long box maybe about 8″ wide by 8″ high by about 2 feet long. It was made out of plywood. There was a plunger thing inside where he would put some kind of tasty rabbit snacks. The rabbit would crawl into the box to eat the snacks, trip the plunger which would release a little wood block that was holding up the trap door. The door would close and eventually we were eating rabbit.

I don’t really remember how great the rabbit was, if at all but I do remember thinking how cool it was that you could take a bunch of wood and make something out of it that does something. Keeping that in mind, once in a while I make something that does something.

Here’s where the ADD comes in. I was working on building goofy tables when it was suggested that I work on a desk that goes from a regular position to a standing position. So, I worked on it a little.


While I was doing this, I was finding it interesting cutting gears for the mechanism and started looking around online for other “gear” ideas. I was making gears…


At some point, I came across a rope making machine idea. This looked interesting. Screw the table and the desk thing, try this instead. I proceeded to devise a rope making machine. I made one…


And then I thought I would make another. Actually, I thought I had the hooks spaced out too far and rather than tear this apart and change it (since I had already made the gears and they were in place) I would just make a new and maybe better machine.


I drew up a plan and then went to work…


It worked. So far, I’m up to making a rope about 15 feet long. When I get it to about 30 feet, that will be good.


And then what will I do with all of that rope…


Well see how it goes. Beyond that, I received an update email from my friend, Sarah and replied with my own update. She responded with “You need to blog about that!” It goes like this:

Friday at about 11:40 am, someone came into the shop and want me to cut some quick vinyl labels. We drew the idea up and proceeded to start cutting. While the cutter was cutting, something flew by me. I thought it was a big horse fly but soon realized it was in fact a bee. I grabbed my fly swatter (bee swatter). I waited for this little shit to make another pass. He did. I had him in my sights and took a swing at him. What happened next happened in super slow motion “Matrix” style action. The bee took a quick turn and made a “bee line” (I guess this is where we get that term) for my head. Score one for the bee as he got me just below the left eye. That bastard.


I continued to make labels for the guy, eye tearing up and all that while I plotted my revenge. After the customer was gone I found the culprit and got even.



Here’s my plan for making one of these machines.


2 responses

  1. Score one for me to get you to blog about that! Neato Rope Machine! You’ll like Mr. Muse’s latest contraption once I take some images. Ooo, suspense!

    September 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

  2. Great post!

    October 2, 2013 at 10:54 pm

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