Monday 11.11.13

Wow. I’ll bet you all thought I dropped off the face of planet Earth. I’m rapidly approaching the distinction of worst blogger ever. Let me catch you up…

I made another rope machine. I am demonstrating some rope making on Sunday. Since it is a hands on demo, I made another machine so there will be 3 running. I guess if one fails I have some backup. I decided to fancy this one up a little and make it a 4-hooker.


I completely missed being here in October. I think we have had a total of about 5 sunny days since October 1. Today was our first visible snow. As I made a trip to the bank today – forgetting it was Veterans Day – and the bank is 60 miles away… I took a couple of pictures along the way.


In October, I turned 54. Not to sound really morbid but 54 is how old my Mother was when she passed away. Her parents were 56 when they checked out… in different years. You kind of start having this “beat the age” thing going on. I’m in fairly good shape so I suppose I’ll be around for a while unless I get killed doing home remodeling – which I am doing. Well, I’m helping.

We were sailing along pretty well without too many “discussions” about how things should look and then we hit a little speed-bump. At one time, our house 100 plus year old house had been converted to an upper and lower apartment house… and then converted back to a single dwelling. There used to be stairs outside that went to the upper apartment. When they converted it back… at some point the stairs were removed and a little fire escape deck was installed outside of that door. This door opens in at the top of our stairs. The trim and walls and that door and the windows are pretty much garbage. All of this is being changed.

We discovered the Lath of Kahn…


I played daredevil…


So, the discussion is what to do with that door. Leave it or replace it with a window? Since I wanted to be productive and continue working on this, I felt like I’d just finish installing new drywall and leave the door for now. The other part of this discussion is to have the window guy come over and give us a price. Knowing that this is much more than a new window – replacement matching siding will have to be found, the window can only go in a certain area if the outside deck remains and there might be some wiring in that wall… damn wiring.

My construction partner decided to put this whole thing up for a vote on the book of faces. A really shitty picture was posted so I decided that being the smart ass that I am, I would draw a more reasonable sketch showing both finished options.


The square thing in the far right corner used to be a chimney for a fireplace. I removed the remaining pipes and plan to build a cabinet there. Something has to go there as our heat is located at the base. The door and window trim does not have to be dark like in the image but I guess I’ll say that the window idea is not completely horrible.


More to come. Maybe before December!

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