Thursday 12.12.13

How to hold yourself hostage.

Things usually quiet down for me business-wise at this time of year. I was pleased to get a fairly nice order the other day that was something above and beyond a random sign here and there. Wanting to jump on this project so I could actually get a bill on someones desk, I went ahead and ordered materials from one of my sign suppliers.

I’ve purchased stuff from this one particular company for a number of years. Sometimes it comes on their own truck and other times, usually when it is not a large batch of substrate material, it comes UPS or FEDEX. I’ve had FEDEX problems before, so usually I request that items be shipped UPS. Everything has been good – until today.

I left the shop at noon – NOON, I SAY! to go eat lunch. I had waited all morning for UPS to show up with no results. Just before noon I received a phone call from another one of my customers. About a month or so ago, this customer had requested some lettering on a piece of heavy equipment.  I had made up the lettering and attempted to get the job done but discovered that the vehicle was “elsewhere” on a job. The lettering is ready to go, I just needed a vehicle. Today they called to ask about it and told me that the vehicle is in their warm shop today and tomorrow. I told him that I was waiting for UPS and would try to get out there in the morning as I wanted to get started on this other project once the material came in. No problem, see you tomorrow.

As I returned from lunch, I noticed a tag on my front door. Shit, they sent my stuff FEDEX. Calling the 800 number on the back of the door tag resulted in 20 minutes of “the driver will do his best to get back to you today”, otherwise, we try this again tomorrow.


So… I could go letter the contractor vehicle today but I’m waiting to see if FEDEX shows up. If they don’t show up today, I wait tomorrow… and going to letter that vehicle or going to eat lunch may result in another tag on my door.

I may have to go hunt down a FEDEX truck today.


UPDATE! FEDEX arrived at 2:43… just a few minutes after this rant was posted. Back to work!

Also, a little communication with sign supply…


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