Monday 1.27.14

An open apology to the NSA and the GCHQ

I’m so sorry. Evidently, you have been monitoring Facebook and YouTube in hopes of finding some cool and useful information. It seems that Facebook and YouTube were not the only ones and I can only assume that once in a while, you read my blog. As you now know, monitoring my blog has only resulted in much of your wasted time – time paid for by US and British citizens.

Sure, you found a bunch of cool recipes that you would never personally eat or have the ambition to make… you discovered that you love your Mom, Son, Brother, Co-worker, Father, Grandparent, Grandchild, Military Veteran, Neighbor, Sister… and shared that message with others whether they liked it or not. You saw how ridiculous we looked at that party. You found out that even without any kind of degree, most of us are experts in every field and are not afraid to share the information… something the Government only does under strict regulations. In the end, do you feel fulfilled or are you craving more?

Unfortunately, I’m only involved in very minor, boring events. Perhaps a holiday meal or a birthday party. I’m sort of quick to smart off at someone’s post once in a while. I don’t Tweet and I don’t Tumblr… much. At least not in the amount that would cause any alarm and that is why I must apologize once again. While you were reading my super trivial shit, some evil bastard could have been planning something big… like another birthday party.

One response

  1. Big Brother is watching you…

    January 29, 2014 at 5:57 am

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