Monday 2.10.14

Winter drags on. On and on and on.


I just heard that Atlanta can expect 1 to 3 inches of snow later this week. Ha. Suck it, Atlanta… our streets have been packed with 1 to 3 inches of snow since November. I came to the shop this morning and looked at the temperature… -8 degrees. No biggie anymore. By 11:00 it warmed up to a balmy Zero degrees. We have had a few days of sun, so I guess that is an improvement.

The date today is Monday, February 10, otherwise known as day 4 of the “I have not watched any of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.” I did watch last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” and have concerns about why I am even watching that show at all. Life in the Zombie world is shitty enough and then every week they make it more shitty and more depressing. I don’t see any happy ending to that story.

I went to my Grand-Daughter’s 7th birthday party over the weekend. My brother was there and caught me up on who is still alive in my hometown. The really screwed up part about listening to stories about people who are still there – for me, who has not lived there since around 1978 – is trying to figure out who my brother is talking about. You see, all of those people who actually have real names, are better known by some kind of nickname. When I lived there I knew the real names and also knew the nicknames. What I don’t know is when these nicknamed people are re-nicknamed to something else… maybe several times over the years. So, when my brother tells me some story about someone named “Hillbilly”, I don’t know who the fuck he is talking about.

“Hillbilly did this thing…”

Hillbilly? Who is that”

“You know, Ding. Or he’ll also answer to ‘Billy.”

Okay, so who is that?


Well why in the fuck didn’t you just say that?

My conversation frustration continued to grow. Later, when one of my daughters came over to chit chat, things escalated. She had come to the party with two boys… her son and her step son. Her step daughter was with her husband somewhere else for the day. The chitting and chatting contained events from the previous evening with the 2 boys attending a movie night and then having a slumber party at home which included another boy. I asked who all was at the slumber party, wondering if the step daughter was also there. “No, she was not there” is what I thought I heard. “Her Dad picks her up on Friday night and brings her home.” I asked what time they got home. “Around 9.” I asked what time the movie night was over. “Around 9.” So… after that everyone was at your house? “Yes.” So… the step daughter was also there? “Yes.”

“Okay, you just told me that she was NOT there and then you told me she was there”, I said in an evidently, by the look on my brother’s face and his reaction of something like “Geez, man… calm down”, slightly animated response.

I blame winter. Could have been the two Corona’s I had pounded down due to my wife’s new found fascination of “running a tab”… but I will just blame winter. Man, you don’t see shit like that on The Walking Dead.

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