Friday 7.14.14

There’s more snow and cold in the US than at the Winter Olympics in Russia. How’s that for an odd statement? Beyond that…


More on that.

I took Wedding pictures of a same-sex couple last summer. It was a small outdoor ceremony, short service and then a reception. Nothing flaming, nothing flamboyant… just a nice day where two people got married. Bolts of lightning did not shoot out of the sky. We were not plagued by insects or disease or complete darkness or anything. I really don’t understand why this has to remain a big deal.

I was watching the Colbert Report the other day. Actor/Comedian Scott Thompson who plays the character Buddy Cole came in to discuss the Olympics. The Buddy Cole character is a super stereotype of everything flaming, flamboyant and over the top. This is a funny bit, sort of… but it is a bit. That’s all.

And… winter continues. I’m getting tired of seeing this every day:


This is not the same damn picture I’ve posted before. Really. This is what we get just about every day. I’m to the point where I walk out of the house and don’t even bother zipping up anymore. It’s just cold and it will stay like this forever. Or, until next week when it is supposed to be in the upper 30’s or more. I can hardly imagine what that might be like. My guess: sloppy.

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