Thursday 4.3.14

Elections. We had one on Tuesday. I was voter number 112 or so.

Social media. We have that every day, like it or not. I suppose social media started way back when someone used their voice to warn some villagers that they were about to be attacked or call in the cows for milking. There have been messages in a bottle, wall paintings, newspapers and magazines, flyers posted on things, phone calls, fax machines and now things like texting and Facebook. Not new, just faster. Alerting or informing people about good things, or things you should know like there’s a buck off coupon in the paper or some big ass tsunami is about to wipe you off the face of the earth… these are good.

Social media can be a useful tool and it can also be a huge pile of really smelly, wet, obnoxious shit.

Since unnamed persons in my house have their finger on the pulse of everything that goes on in town, I discovered that there was a campaign to write-in a candidate for mayor. Our mayor was running unopposed. It seems that someone started a Facebook page in support of one of our local individuals. How this all came about, I do not know. I do not know if this was the result of too many cocktails on a particular evening or if this was a genuine plan of action by someone who thought that social media could not fail due to the assumption that anyone involved in it would be mindless enough to just pick up the pitchforks and torches without asking any questions. Unfortunately, there probably are those kinds of people out there. Whoever this was posted the following information:

Time to show your support to (name withheld) who has been a monumental public figure in most of the people of (name of town withheld too) lives at one point or another.

It’s time to pay homage to him and the (name of town withheld again) by voting Tuesday April 1st and writing in…

(name withheld)

Thanks (name withheld) for all you do for us.

So there it was. A picture of the person, a picture of a sign stuck in a yard and the expectation that you would vote for this person because it is “time to pay homage”…

Really? Okay, I know who this person is and have always thought that this person was pleasant to know… we might give each other a head nod when we run into each other. Other than that, I have no idea what this person’s plan for the city might be. Are there issues? None was discussed on the social media page other than “it is time.”

Well, that’s just kind of completely messed up. Where are the issues? Where is the debate? How dare whoever posted that to think that a social media frenzy would put this person in the mayoral position. Whoever this is must have figured it was worth a try or that it would be funny or it was April Fool’s Day or that there are a lot of us who are just stupid enough to cast a write in vote for this person with absolutely ZERO information about why the person is running or what they would do differently or better than the current mayor.

Starting a campaign on the weekend prior to the election just was not a smooth move and completely unfair to the voters. Perhaps this person did have a great plan or would work differently with people, but none of anything like that was mentioned. Just “time to pay homage.”

That’s not the way. That IS the way you abuse Social Media. Post as much questionable stuff as possible and we will begin to question everything.

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