Tuesday 4.22.14

Road trip. Headed south into Illinois today to do a little work on stagecoach No. 12. I’ve been striping coaches for this man for quite a few years. Traveling back to the area where I grew up, well, there are a lot of things that have changed over the years. Some are for the better, some are just old, beaten down and falling apart. That is kind of depressing.

As I was driving along I was recalling things like the fact I remember when some of those nice black top roads I was on were once only gravel. I recalled seeing the black and white posts along the roads in Wisconsin telling me I was not in Illinois anymore. Those are gone now. I recalled the feeling of going over some of the hills fast enough that you “leave your stomach behind.”

The room I was working in did not give me a great opportunity to take pictures but you get the idea here…

Started yesterday with this:


And these went on this:


My other recent painting project was this…


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