Thursday 7.17.14

Figuring out the appropriate letter style for a sign is something I consider myself to be familiar with. For example, a funeral home and a party style alcoholic product probably would not use the same letter style.


When a friend of mine recently called to say she was opening a health/exercise related business and needed signs – AND had a logo (or letter style), I figured it would be something energetic, light, fresh, exciting or anything other than tattoo shop style lettering. Discussing this with my crew early this morning, I expressed my concern. I figured that a certain style of font should be used to portray health and weight loss instead of something that suggested sitting in a dark corner, smoking with a bottle of Jack and a couple of whores (hooooorzzzz). This made me think that I need to design a font for this and I’ll just have to call it:

Darkcornersmokingwithjackandacoupleofwhores and

Darkcornersmokingwithjackandacoupleofwhores bold ext

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