Friday 7.25.14


Funflowers. They’re finally popping out in my garden areas. Last year, I decided that a few sunflowers would add a touch of fun and spontaneity to my plantings. As I did with the marigolds over the last couple of years, I harvested the seeds for re-planting this year. Evil criminal that I am, I decided that since these were growing SO well, why not add a few seeds to the giant city flower pots and share the glory with everyone else.

On a stealthy late night mission in May, I planted a handful of seeds into the centers of each (2) pot. Within a few days, there were sprouts. I think they were probably about 14 inches high when suddenly one day I noticed that they were NOT THERE anymore. I had to check it out. Someone had removed them and planted Yucca plants in their place in the centers of the pots. (the rest of the pots contain other flowering plants) Damn. Well, maybe next year. When I explained my mission to my son, he told me that this was probably the lamest practical joke anyone had ever played. Whatever, dude.



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