Sunday (really Monday) 7.27.14

Family, fun and of course… fire.

My oldest Grandson had his 11th birthday party on Saturday. Once again, friends and family gathered around to celebrate. Since Bryce is now gluten free, the cake pops (and ice cream dessert) as well as all of the food was gluten free. Everyone survived very well without gluten.



Some gifts and cards were opened…


After eating the first time and then having lengthy discussions about many things, it was again time to eat. The food was heated with “sterno” type fuel, which evidently should only be used once. My son in law figured out that if you stir it up a little, it will work again. He also discovered that a lit can is freaking hot and when dropped due to burning hand flesh, the fuel may splatter out and onto a nearby flammable wall.



Quick action by several people saved the party. Best part was 1. we all did not die or lose the house and 2. everyone had an awesome story to tell for the rest of the afternoon. No awkward moments of silence here.

My son was there…


And later, the boys went rafting in the pool…


It was a good afternoon. I also discovered that my funflowers are blooming behind the shop…


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