Thursday 8.14.14


Here’s one of my problems… spending too much time being curious about random things. I was looking over the huge pit at the end of our driveway this morning. We are in the process of having a new garage built so we had to have the old one removed. In with the random debris awaiting the concrete contractor was this single rusty hammer head.

Since our house (and the former garage) are over 100 years old, I place this hammer head within that time frame. It could be 10, 20 or many more years old. I suppose I could clean it up and look for some kind of markings that would give me a clue.

As I noticed this, I wondered about it too much. How old was it? Who owned it? Where was it purchased? Who made the hammer? Did it get passed down from one owner to another over the years? What did it build? Did the owner, like me, lose it for a while once he or she set it down? Perhaps it was used to create something or fix something. Perhaps some child’s life was happier because some Father built something for a kid. How did it get separated from all of the other tools in the tool box? Was this hammer a useful device that created good things? Did some man’s wife hand him his lunch as he left one morning to go build something? Did a group of guys gather on a weekend to share stories, a few beers and re-roof the garage? Perhaps some young boy used it to build a very cool cart or just pound nails into a board and then he grew up to become an engineer.

Currently, it is just a rusty hammer head lying in a pile of rubble in our yard. Previously, it might have been much more.

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