Tuesday 8.26.14

Comic Con Chicago – 2014.

The number one geek in the family decided we should go to Comic Con. The number one geek also figured it would be a great idea to take two of our Grandsons along for the adventure. I agreed but also wondered if I would have adequate bathroom time since the great block of cheese incident from a few weeks ago.

If you have never been to a Comic Con all I can tell you is HOLY SHIT! I mean, holy shit! If you want sensory overload, this is the place to be. If you like standing in line to wait for things… like to have a photo op or autograph from one of your favorite TV people, this is it.

Most everyone comes in some kind of costume or at the least, wears something to represent what they like. You’ll see the most awesome costumes ever and know that these people spent way too much time and money to get everything right. You’ll also see people who have made costumes out of whatever they could get their hands on. That guy over there with a piece of duct tape and a spray painted piece of cardboard??… well of course that’s the 7th Doctor… don’t I know ANYTHING? It was SO obvious.

As we stood in line…


We could hear other conversations going on…


Taking an 8 and 9 year old to this is kind of challenging. Kids have wants, kids have issues. Surprisingly, other than a few minor things like horribly stinky feet, using a toothbrush simply because it was there, kid competition over fairness… it was not too bad. Would I want to do it again next week? Hell no. In case I was not clear on that… HEELLLLLLLLLL NOOOO.

We did see some interesting things and the boys were able to get decked out in their costumes for a few photo ops of their own…



We saw Michael Rooker and Dave Bautista…


And John Barrowman. This guy entertains. No kidding. Here is one guy who is actually into this stuff.


My friends Karly and Lilly were there…




4 days of Comic Con… for some never enough. For me… that was enough. It was a good time. Would I go again? Probably.


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