Wednesday 9.10.14

It was late the other night and I was getting ready to go to bed. As I was standing there at the toilet taking care of business, I was sort of surprised when a mouse walked out from behind the bowl to say “Hello!” I think I might have said “What do you want?” or something like that. The mouse simply turned around and slowly disappeared back to wherever it came from. Damn. Mice. We have not had mice in the house for about 15 years.


I finished my business and then walked out to find the cat. I picked her up and took her to where the mouse had been, thinking that some kind of cat instinct would kick in and she’d at least be curious. No. She just kind of looked at me like “why are you sticking me behind the toilet?”

I purchased 4 traps the next day, loaded them with peanut butter and placed them in strategic areas. The cat was interested in peanut butter but stayed out of the traps. I also discovered that the mouse must have a peanut butter allergy or something because I’ve caught exactly zero mice.

There were some facebook suggestions that we feed the cat too well and this is why she’s not interested in mice. Whatever. This cat is just lame at times.

A few weeks ago I was home alone for several days. This is when the cat decides to bond with me a bunch. “She’s gone, let’s hang out” is what the cat says. So, one evening we were sitting on the couch binging some Netflix. Suddenly, she perked up and looked in a certain direction. I noticed some movement in the house and thought it was kind of weird as the cat and I were both on the couch. Looking again, I realized there was a bat in the house. It zoomed us a couple of times and then seemed to go into another room. I got up, went into that room and flipped on the light. There it was… way up by the top of the book shelf.

We have very high ceilings so I found the swiffer and gave it a smack. The cat would have given me a thumbs up if it had thumbs, but no… it just stayed on the couch. “I think it is much safer here” she said.

I deposited the smunched bat outside and resumed Netflix. A few moments later, there was another presence in the room. It seems that the bat had family and was coming for revenge. Another bat. WTF!

This one did a couple of fly-bys and then went upstairs somewhere. I remembered that I had a bug catching net that I had taken to the shop recently – I had cleaned out all of the stuff from the old garage and was storing things downtown while the new one is built. I hopped in the truck, went to the shop and collected the net. I came back home to find the cat STILL on the couch. “You thought I was going to investigate that shit? Yeah, no way.”

I found the bat upstairs and netted it. This one was released back to the great outdoors – alive. It flew away shaking a fist at me. I think it was saying “I have some mouse friends.”




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