Monday 10.20.14, The DC Trip Part 1

Max turned 9 in September. His mother decided to surprise him with a trip to Washington D.C. The other part of that surprise was that I would also go along. The trip was planned for October 15 – 18 and we managed to pack a crapload of things into our 4 days there.

For me, it started with Lindsey and Max picking me up to drive to Milwaukee in the dark blinding rain. GPS is great… most of the time, but this time it decided to take us to the interstate via some little traveled and unknown back country roads with 35 mile per hour hairpin turns. This… at night, in the rain, with smeary wipers. Somehow, we made it to my daughter’s sister-in-law’s house for an overnight stay and delivery to the airport in the morning.


Hand held electronic devices were an important part of the trip. They found restaurants, checked us in to places, alerted us when a cab was near and provided entertainment when needed. The threatened loss of said e-devices was also a minor motivator at times. Once we were through airport security, we hunted down some breakfast.


Next, we waited for our flight…


After a 30 or 40 minute holding pattern over D.C., we landed and cabbed our way to our home away from home for the next few days. The place was great! Congress was not in session at the time so I imagine that there were a lot of apartment style places available. This was on the 12th floor of a building in Arlington, VA., just around the corner from the Pentagon.


We ventured out to find a grocery store. Just about all of these buildings are connected through underground access. Below what you see on the surface is an entire “extra” city filled with shops, restaurants and the Metro. We took the Metro to the next stop, walked about a block to a pretty nice grocery store and then decided that since we did not want to haul all of this stuff back to the Metro in the rain, we’d just hop a cab back to our place. This is when we decided that it would probably be both more economical and efficient to just cab when we needed to go somewhere. Most cabs were there within 5 or 10 minutes with ETA updates via smart phone. Traffic, during rush hour, was kind of tough but we really had no issues.

I discovered that my daughter – the one who once discovered after the fact that some meats needed to be browned prior to adding to a dish – somehow now cooks like a f—–g champion. Not only that, she seems to have the same problem I have when cooking – not knowing when enough is enough.


After supper, we decided that we would take a D.C. ghost tour. Pete, the man at the front desk, let us borrow an umbrella. We cabbed to just North of the White House in Lafayette Park, also known as President’s Park and Tragedy Park… due to the number of unfortunate deaths that have happened in that area over time. We started our tour with Kyle at the Dolley Madison house.


We learned about the death of Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key who was killed by a jealous husband. Max was also able to participate in reenacting a duel between Stephen Decatur and James Barron in 1820. The rain stopped just enough for the 90 minute tour. The North and West sides of the White House were bathed in pink light in recognition of Breast Cancer Month.


After, we headed back to Arlington to make plans for Thursday’s White House Visit…

Stay tuned.


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