Thursday 10.23.14 The DC Trip, final chapter.

It had been a fun and interesting trip so far. Now, it was Saturday morning and we would end our adventure by flying home later in the day. The weather had turned nice. It was sunny, a little breezy and in the upper 60’s. The pan handling guy who had been in the median out in front of our building for the last few days was no longer there. Later, I would see that he must have Saturdays off and the weekend crew (some woman) came in to pan-handle the job. She was using the same cardboard sign.

We cleaned up and packed up. Since our flight was at 1:25, we figured we had time to make one more trip to the DC mall area. Max was interested in visiting the Smithsonian Castle.


We soon found out that there was not a lot to see here and much was being renovated. We pushed on towards the Capitol. Along the way, and since the museums did not open until 10:00, we browsed a few things to check out later.





Eventually, we made it to the Capitol. Max was rocking the photographer poses with his IPod.


The view from the Capitol looking West, click on picture for larger view.


Next stop, Botanical Gardens.


Next stop, the Museum of the American Indian. This, sorry to say, was not what I expected. The building is beautiful. We went to a theater on the top floor to watch a short film on the American Indian. This would get us started and then we could browse the museum. I found it to be lacking in American Indian history. You know… the history where we, the white guys, came into this country and totally screwed over the people who were already here. Instead, we learned that some still hunt whales or make peace pipes. Looking at head dresses circa 2009 was not cutting it for me. We went to the cafeteria. This cafeteria was pretty awesome, actually. All kinds of food from all over the country, Indian style. (American Indian style – the food… not the way you cross your legs and sit which is now PC correctly known as “criss-cross apple sauce”, which I consider to be total bull shit)


When we had gathered our food on our trays and arrived at the check out, I whipped out a $50 and heard the woman mutter “8” something. For a second I was surprised that it was only $18.00, pretty damn fair. “No, $80.51”, she said in a voice I could now understand. Wow. Really? Okay, I’ll go with it. We fucked you guys over so I guess it’s only fair that you get some payback. I looked at a family of 5 sitting next to us. I figured that their meal was about $10,000.00.

After, we walked down to the Air and Space Museum and grabbed a cab back to our Apartment to check out. We headed over to the airport and that was about it.

All in all, A good time was had by me. I think that Max and Lindsey also had a good time. My hope is that sometime down the road, Max will remember DC as an important place full of information and remember it in the way grownups remember things that they had done as kids… in a way that was somehow greater and grander than it really was.



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