Wednesday 12.10.14


The end of 2014. 2014… what a year. For me, personally, there have been some good things. It was a busier year work-wise. I was able to spend some quality time with my family doing things we normally would not do like going to Comic-Con and taking a trip to D.C. with Lindsey and Max. Those were awesome.

There were a lot of other things that happened in 2014. Some of this, you will either have to recall on your own or look up on the wonderful world of the oh so very wide web. Seriously, you can look this shit up and you will hardly believe what was important in 2014.

For example, did you know that you can look up exactly what Justin Bieber did in 2014 to make headlines? Yes, you can read about Justin pumping iron, going out on dates, throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house or going platinum blond. Like I give a shit, but it is out there for you to read.

There were a lot of other important things that happened this year – most of them the kinds of things where you just shake your head and the never-answered question  of “what the fuck” enters your mind. Yes, some things were good and or interesting. We landed a thing on a speeding comet. Yes, we did that. We were mesmerized by the World Cup. All of us who have absolutely no clue about who these people are and why the game is remotely important watched or heard about it for at least a couple of seconds. Some moron actually thought that Steven Spielberg shot a Triceratops… because there was a picture on the internet.

We were concerned when we did not see Kim Jong Un for a while. Maybe we are still concerned, I don’t know but probably should care.

Malaysia Airlines had a kind of shitty year losing one flight in the ocean and another shot down by pro-Moscow Ukrainian separatist rebels. Whoops.

Robin Williams killed himself.

Joan Rivers died while having a “procedure”.

The iphone 6 was released. Have one? Why not?

Most of the United States was lost to the Ebola virus.

Kim Kardashian showed us her very large oily ass, whether we liked it or not. Now there’s some talent right there.

Casey Kasem died about midway through the year and his non-embalmed body is currently still not buried anywhere. Perhaps they’ve preserved him using the over abundance of Kim’s greasy ass oil.

And then, there was a lot of other crap that makes me just want to get the fuck out of 2014 as soon as possible. Isis. Be-headings. Not. cool. at. all. Believe it or not, as I was doing a little cleaning and organizing around here, I realized the name of the credit card processing company that I use…


Deaths in Ferguson and Staten Island. Grand Juries deciding that neither of those should go to trial. We now question how the cops work and have decided that they need more training, choke holds should be outlawed and that all cops should now wear cameras. I don’t know why there is not more of an outcry for why the system seemed to fail on the follow up. Isn’t the court system there to check things that have gone awry and balance them? Most of the time, a Grand Jury will find cause to go to trial… like 90% of the time. Not when cops are involved though. Something stinks there and should be looked into.

Other than all of that, we managed to get a garage built this year. It was a long, painful, non-communicative 97 or so days but that damn thing is built and we can actually use it. The sign business was busier this year than it was last year. The weather sucked, we had a few nice weeks of summer but it was a long cold spring and an early cold winter.

Maybe one of the most interesting things that happened this year was learning that 2014 was the year when one of my Grandsons discovered porn.

Back in the old days, we discovered this sort of thing by finding a random magazine somewhere in the house or going up the street to the local body shop to scan the calendars on the wall. I’m pretty sure that this is why kids decide to go through things in the house and some eventually grow up to become great explorers or scientists. You know that with perseverance, you may discover the next great thing, the next lost tomb or the cure for the Ebola that almost wiped us out. That, or you might find candy or porn. All good things for sure. You had to think about where these treasures might be located and how to obtain a look at them without causing too much attention. It was a time when all you had to work with was whatever wits you might possess and maybe some encouragement from some neighbor kid.

Today, porn seekers just have it too damn easy with the ability to access the internet with every device ever made. A few years ago, it was the home computer. Now you have smart phones and pads and pods and a whole crap load of ways to just sit in a damn corner with your device and WiFi access to look at every kind of porn imaginable – and plenty that you could never have imagined.

Of course, there were measures taken once it was known that my Grandson was onto an internet treasure. Devices were taken away. Filters were applied. There was some personal and stern conversation. Devices were eventually returned. The funniest part of this is knowing that when my Daughter was checking her son’s browser history, it was turning up things like “hot naked babes” and “cute puppies”. Good to know that some of his child qualities are still in tact.

2014, not quite over yet.

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