Wednesday 12.17.14

An example of how grumpy old men get that way…

As I was checking out of Yahoo mail today, I quickly scanned the screen to the right to see what was “trending.” I saw the phrase “OVER EAR HEADPHONES.” Over ear headphones? I was slightly curious. Was this something new?

I clicked on the trending thing and it took me to articles about Headphones. Just Headphones. Since I am officially in the class of old guy now, it occurred to me that I – 1. Know what heads phones are and 2. Can remember things beyond the last 20 or so years.

Headphones have always been Headphones. They never used to be “over the ear” headphones. If you look at headphone history (yes, that is a thing) you will find that Headphones have in fact been Headphones… and called Headphones since the 1880’s.

Over the years they have gone from clunky looking things to more streamlined versions but they have always been “over the ear.” Where else would you put them?

I can remember that when I was a kid in the 60’s, my Dad would listen to the Cubs games on his little transistor radio using what we called an “EARPHONE.” It was kind of like current ear buds and you only stuck it in one ear. No stereo, just mono and in one ear only.


Over the past 20 or so years, things changed. I suppose that there are so many people using Ear Buds now that a distinction must be made so that we know when we are talking about the OVER THE EAR kind of headphones and not the kind you stick IN your ear.

And this is one of those things where you just have to deal with it. It is irritating, a little, because some of us had learned it another way and then one day some marketing douche-bag decided he needed to clarify things. I understand it and can deal with it.

There are a lot of other things we allow to slide by on a regular basis. For example, I understand that some people have some really annoying habit or trait like using the words “you know” or “like” way too many times when telling a story. Perhaps you just KNOW that there’s a person on your block who can’t seem to put out the recycle bin the right way. Perhaps when you want to park your car at the mall there’s someone who has parked just slightly over the line – or has taken up two spaces intentionally. You are slightly pissed but go find another spot. Maybe your new partner folds towels in a way you consider to be ridiculous, but you look the other way because with all the training you’ve already had with bitter disappointment, you once again can deal with it.

These are just some of the things that we deal with each and every day and as time marches on, we somehow decide we can overlook these things. Perhaps in order to not have a complete meltdown every 15 minutes, this is a good coping mechanism.

Then, there are things that we should not overlook. Any kind of abuse… child, spouse, elderly, pet, racial, sexual… these should be dealt with. There are some things out there where maybe someone should take a step back and suggest that a current situation might not be okay or able to be overlooked.

I offer for you this recent Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA Torture. There’s some dandy morsels of recent American Humanity wrapped up in that mother fucker. Speaking of mother fucker, Dick Cheney once again hit the air waves to damn the report all to hell and not only defend whatever was done… he’d do it again in a minute.

Here’s a shitty example of someone pulling some kind of crap that you can’t understand, or can’t understand how someone is not saying anything like “maybe we should really look into this and ask some tough questions… the kinds of questions where when you ask a fucking question you get a fucking answer to that fucking question – not some bullshit answer, non answer or other non helpful information.

DICK was a recent guest on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. When asked, in several different instances and ways about whether or not DICK considered some of the things in the report to be torture, DICK responded with answers all related to 911. To him, torture is 19 guys armed with plane tickets and box cutters killing 3000 people.

Sorry, DICK, you smug cock sucking old fuck who has lived beyond his usefulness… there are unanswered questions. Are we supposed to figure that this is one of those things where we feel it is just easier to let it go and look the other way? We’ve watched you pull this crap for years and years now and I guess we are all just used to the way DICK is now.

I have a feeling that after I’m long gone, history will look back at this time and it will all be completely unthinkable that we could have committed the acts we’ve committed – and used the excuse that it was something we had to do – and that it worked… even if there is a suggestion that it actually did not provide any actionable intelligence. I will not miss you when you are gone, DICK.

The unfortunate side not to this whole thing is that I’ve been stewing about this all week. When the telemarketers call me now, I completely unload on them. All because Dick Cheney is an immoral asshole sociopath. Damn.

And that’s how you become a grumpy old man.

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