Wednesday 1.7.15

Someone told me I should write this down or something. Okay, here it is.

I woke up this morning and thought about how I would have to find all of my clothes so I could go out into the frozen tundra. Not the “thawed out” tundra, mind you… the super hard frozen Wisconsin kind of tundra. Layers and long johns is definitely the answer to a day like this.

I had lingered in the shower a while enjoying the hot water. I dried off and set out to find the clothes. Some would be upstairs near the washer and dryer. Yes, Our laundry is in an upstairs bathroom. I’m great at doing my laundry but not so great at ever putting everything away. I trekked up the stairs.

While I was in there, the cat came in to get my attention. I suppose our cat is around 10 or so years old and she was in a heavy relationship with the boys when she was younger. Since all of the kids have moved out, she now relies on me to pay attention to her. Usually this is when she is hungry and then she tolerates me at other times.

I knew that she had recently been fed, so there must have been something else going on. Maybe Timmy had once again fallen into the well. She brushed up against me with impunity and then headed out the door. When she saw that I was not following her, she came back and “Meowed” at me.

“What do you want? You can’t still be hungry”, I said.

With that, she stretched up on her hind legs and tapped out some kind of cat Morse code on the edge of the sink. I figured she needed fresh water in her dish which was downstairs.

I finished up and followed her down stairs where she immediately went for her water dish. She sat down next to it and looked into the dish. This is something she does often and I always wondered what she thought she was seeing in there. I picked up the dish, rinsed out the old stuff and filled it with fresh water.


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