Thursday 1.8.15

This cold weather is great for re-visiting a few great old Clint Eastwood movies. I’ve probably seen them all – several times. As I watch them, I have mixed feelings about them. I remember and recognize a lot of things and am pleasantly surprised when I come across something I had not noticed before or had forgotten about.

I do notice a few things now that I had never questioned before. As I see these things, I kind of wonder what the hell these directors were thinking. For example…

There’s a point in any of these movies where an entire group of white dudes are on horses charging toward the camera. They are relatively close to each other, on rough ground, bouncing up and down… WITH GUNS A-BLAZING. Now, these were shitty 1800’s pistols which were not so accurate at a distance. They guys in the front of the pack are firing at whatever they are chasing – AND the guys in the back are doing the same thing. If this was a real life situation, how many of those guys in the front would have had their brains blown out?

At least once in any of these films, some dude gets shot or knocked off his horse and his boot gets caught in a stirrup. The horse drags him to oblivion. Oblivion is just out of the frame of the camera, I suppose.

The bad guys get the drop on the good guys. They fumble around long enough to let the good guys figure a way out of the situation… even when it is suggested to them to not piss around, just shoot the guy now.



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