Friday 1.23.15

Today was a hard day. After watching our dog, Sparky, slowly shut himself down over the last couple of weeks or so, I made the decision to let his suffering end.

Sparky was a “rescue” dog. Not that he was rescuing small children from burning buildings or anything like that. We rescued him when he became unwanted by a previous owner. At the time we had three boys in the house and I had figured that – since we always had a dog as a kid myself – it would be a stellar idea to have a dog in the house for the boys to bond with.

I was looking for a Jack Russell and had contacted someone in the JR rescue society. After three failed matches for whatever reasons (one had bitten the contact person on pickup so they decided that one would not be a good match for the kids) the fourth one was all good. Now it was time for me to announce to everyone that I had decided we should have a dog. Perhaps it was not one of my better decisions at the time but god-damn it, we were going to be the all American family with a dog. That was in the year 2000. He was a little over a year old at the time. Originally, he was owned by a family who had a child in a wheelchair. The dog was for the child, but it just did not work out. A Jack Russell is either asleep or going 100 miles an hour. He came to us kind of nervous and had been demoted to a basement. This would be a fresh start.

He spent most of his days running the back yard… hunting birds and rabbits, always looking for an opportunity to play fetch or help with mowing the lawn. He was visited by neighbors, neighboring pets and had a huge dislike for the meter reader.

In these last few days when it was obvious that he was shutting down, he was calm and pleasant. He did not whine, whimper or make a sound. He just wanted to have a little attention and sleep.

This is always hard and once again I realize I’m not the tough guy that I make you all think that I am.

Here he is in better days…

One response

  1. Aww. I’m really sorry for your loss. You’ve told me a lot of good stories about Sparky.

    January 27, 2015 at 9:30 am

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