Sunday 1.25.15


Looks like I won’t be going to Iowa anytime in the near future. I’m sorry, I should have written “looks like I won’t be ‘goin’ to Iowa anytime soon. I forgot that in order to fit in with what we consider to be genuine mid-western culture, you have to drop the “G.”

Huntin’, fishin’, bible thumpin’ and politicin’… Let’s all head for Iowa. Iowa, where freedom fightin’ people all sit on their front porch at night with their guns, bibles, Constitution and flags a wavin’.

Yes, glutton for punishment that I am, I watched the entire Iowa Freedom Summit Sarah Palin speech. I also watched the Scott Walker speech. Having watched these people over the years I have become familiar with the speech patterns of these two as well as the cadence of the speech they give.

I just don’t get it. Well, maybe sort of. Palin talks like a mad lib of catch phrases. They are carefully crafted to lead up to some kind of cute stab into someone’s back and then there’s a pause for applause. Words and phrases include but are not limited to things like freedom, freedom fightin’, Reagan, Thatcher, Jefferson, Mama grizzly, hard workin’, patriots, war, failed Washington policies, heroes and the list goes on. Throw this shit on a teleprompter and run it slow enough so that she can sound out the words – you have another Palin speech which if said in front of a group of normal people would result in an overwhelming “huh?”

She makes her living doing this. THIS is what she does, this is the only thing she will ever do or ever be good at doing. The thing that really bothers me about this “shit talking” is that is is just that – talking shit about someone or something. There’s never any positive suggestion about how to fix anything. It is all just nasty talk.

Did you ever hear “if you don’t have anything nice to say about a person then just don’t say anything”… for Sarah, this does not apply. If you watch the speech, and I hope you really don’t unless you just have nothing to do and feel like you want to loose some brain cells, you’ll come to a point in the speech where she says:

“We get honest on national security. We give hope to the people that we need not — we will not —succumb to evil, and we call it as it is, we address it. That must be, by the way, that 800-pound elephant in the room of the White House that the radical left won’t even name — they won’t even name the threat to our way of life today. We’ll hit it, we’ll name it.

“It is any Muslim who would choose evil, whose loyalty to a death-cult perversion is so darkened and has deceived their soul that they actually think they’re welcome here to transform here. No. What we do is strengthen our military, we respect our troops and let them, our troops as our gatekeepers, we let them tell jihadists, ‘Uh-uh, this is our house, get the hell out.’

When she says “Muslim”, she says it in an overly emphasized manner… almost as if she was saying “asshole” or the “N” word. She blankets the choices of a few radical people over an entire group of people – who just happen to be Muslim. What about the stupid-any-other-people who pull some crap that we don’t happen to agree with?

There’s another point in the speech where she states that “the Man can only ride you when your back is bent.” She then suggests you straighten up. Holy bible thumpin’ fuck, Sarah… is this an Iowa thing? Do people in Iowa only know this one position? Will I also see THIS on the front porches as I drive through Iowa?

Looks like we have an interesting year or so coming up.

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  1. Mr. Muse told me that I am FAR too honest to run for a political post. I’m also too cheap. People would ask about my history as a nude model and I’d say, “Why yes, yes I was. Still am, too. Want to see the photos? They’re gorgeous. Here, this one hangs in a gallery. This one, too. What? Why are you shocked? It’s just nudity… don’t tell me that you have sex with the lights off… and blindfolded just in case.” He also said I’m too blunt and that I wouldn’t be elected because I’m an atheist and wouldn’t be afraid to say I am. I’d probably be impeached for telling someone that something they did was a “dick move”.

    January 27, 2015 at 9:19 am

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