Saturday 1.31.15

Truthy-truthiness. Looks like the 2016 Presidential campaign is taking a few first shots and our own Scott Walker has shot ahead of the pack. For now.

After his Iowa Freedom Summit speech last week, a rim job from Rush Limbaugh, a new “unlimited donations” SUPER-PAC and a slick – very slick heroic video… he’s sticking out like a sore thumb. Just where he wants to be, I guess.


Let’s take a quick look at a couple of things first…

If you’ve listened to this guy or heard clips on the news, you might have heard the stories about how he took on Big Government and the Unions back in 2011. One of the issues was to eliminate nearly all collective bargaining rights from the vast majority of the state’s public employees.

To this day – and I mean Friday, Jan. 30 at the American Action Forum in Washington D.C. – he tells the sorrowful story of The story of how Wisconsin’s 2010 “outstanding teacher of the year” winner Megan Sampson got laid off days after receiving the award and how his “reforms” prevent that from ever happening again.

Well, that was not the real story. The real story is here. The funny part about this is that this happened in 2010 and 5 years later, this is still one of his BEST bullshit stories to help talk ‘Merica into considering him in 2016. The more we hear a lie, the more we believe it? Maybe Megan was also hiding a few WMD’s somewhere. That may or may not be true as well.

Then, we get to hear about the great comeback Wisconsin has made. The jobs are here – employers just need people to fill those jobs. People who can work 5 days a week and pass a drug test. Oh, we will also want to start drug testing the food stamp users as well. Damn, sounds like Wisconsin is full of unemployed, underpaid druggies.

As for the big comeback here in Cheeseland, it’s kind of like this for me: I work with a lot of building contractors – carpenters, dry-wallers, electricians, plumbers and the like. In 2008 we experienced a hard hit to the building trades. This also hits realtors, road and bridge builders, cement people and any number of small businesses – all the people I depend on for work. It has been a slow come back – if there’s really been a comeback.

Just taking a look at area building permits over the past few years, I find this information:

jvbpLooks to me as if things are not pointing in an upward area. So, if many less new homes are being built, I could guess that there are less people needing those homes. I could also guess that those “less” people have moved to some other location where there might actually be a job. Less people also means less people to eat at the local restaurant, shop in a local store, buy local groceries, support a local school. I could be wrong, I’m just using my imagination.

And then, there’s this new Walker ad from the folks (super-pac) at Our American Revival. The ad is super duper slick. I have to say that it is very well done. It is Heroic. It pulls at your heart and reinforces your perception that America is doomed unless we take some strong measures.

But understand THIS. It’s a fucking video. It’s a well manufactured, manipulated fucking video that does exactly what it is supposed to do… make you feel sympathetic and compassionate for something. This is no different from any other marketing where someone suggests to you that you need something or want something and they are going to give it to you. Watch the ads on this Sunday’s big football game. Some will suck and you might now even know what the ad was for. But, see how many of them get a reaction out of you. That’s what they were designed to do. Walker’s campaign is DESIGNED to make you feel and think a certain way. It does not matter to them that some of the information may be misleading if not an outright fabrication. They are counting on you to NOT ever check any facts. You want to really get into the game? Fact check the shit out of what these people are saying, who is actually saying it and paying for it. Also determine what benefit those who are paying for it will receive.

In the end, I don’t know who is right for the job. I do know that I feel kind of like I don’t want to be bullshitted into thinking someone is something that they are not.

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