Wednesday 2.5.15

Yeah, Walker again. He introduced his new big and bold budget last night. Listening to one economics guy after the speech, Walker’s budget is not anything special… not a whole lot different from the last one or some of the budgets prior to his. They seem to devise these to stay pretty even. The unknown going to years into the future is tax revenues. If those are way under the wild ass guess they use to figure out the numbers, things could get dicey.

According to the economics guy, after the UW cut, the rest is scraps to fight over. Much of that will never come to be and Walker will at least get to say “Hey, I tried.”

That’s not when he’s telling you that someone suggested “gutting his wife like a deer” and how he has heard some divine word that his suffering through the terrible dark days of the protests – the days where thousands of thug-like whiners threatened him and his family – that this was a message to run for President. Well, at least he’s not taking advice from Jimmy the Groundhog.

I’ll guess that the biggest difference is that the Wisconsin budget will get some National attention. Perhaps numbers people who previously had not cared to investigate will do just that. Sure, there will be predictions and scenarios for all of the “what-ifs” and eventually we may come to a day when someone says “Hey, remember when that Walker was hot shit for about a minute in 2015?” Maybe.

If Rush has anything to say about it – and Rush has a lot to say about it – Walker will be the guy. Rush has touted Walker heavily for about a week now. He tells you he told you Walker was the guy, but he’s not endorsing him. He tells you that Walker has the blueprint for how to defeat the left and that he can’t understand why the Repubs are not lining up behind the guy. It’s kind of funny that in all of his cheering and raving about Walker, he fails to actually mention anything other than Act 10. He’s using the talking points that Walker now uses where he points out the dark days of the protest. He talks about the threats. He talks about the prayers. He makes this all seem like the poor little guy who got fucked over by the entire state, but managed to get through it somehow – and for that you need to be sympathetic.

That’s not exactly how I remember things.

So, why in the hell am I listening to Rush? Hey… gotta see what all the players are doing here. The thing about what he is doing is this, in my opinion… He’s not going to give you any real facts. He’s going to shout the name and re-tell the same talking points day in and day out until his listeners can repeat them verbatim. Kind of like knowing all of the words to a song… does not mean you can sing for shit but at least you know the words.



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