Thursday 4.23.15

The basic Scott Walker Speech.

Our Governor, Scott Walker has been traveling around these United States as well as a few places in Europe since January. Believe it or not, I’ve watched him speak many times since the Iowa Freedom Summit in January. There was Club for Growth, The NRA convention, and recently the New Hampshire Freedom Summit. There have been many other speaking engagements since January.

By now, I think I’ve got most of it down and now I just watch to see what is recently new or what has been dropped. The rest of the speech is pretty much the same except for awkward bursts of enthusiasm, emphasis or even mild rage.

Because I’ve done the hard work so you did not have to lose your lunch watching this guy over and over again, sometimes a few times just to make notes… I’ve condensed the basics into a shorter, non barfy version. Well, sorry… it’s all kind of barfy.

The other condensed version of this boils down to – Here’s a guy who instead of governing the State of Wisconsin is out there in every other state – as well as abroad – telling you the same story day after day after day. Not only is he 1. getting paid to do his elected job… he is also 2. raising undisclosed amount of money from donors because he “may” declare himself a candidate all while 3. Hard working Wisconsin State taxpayers are footing the bill for all of this.

By now, you would think that real reporters… not Fox News reporters… would start to ask some tough questions about how just exactly he would deal with some of these problems that – according to his speech – makes us both the best place to live and the most broken and out of touch place to live all at the same time.


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