Wednesday 8.12.15


If you’ve followed this bit of the web recently, you probably realize that I’m not a huge Scott Walker fan. You also should probably be doing something other than reading this. I’ve been following what Scott has been doing every day since at least the beginning of 2015. All of this time, whether it has been official or not, he has been running for president.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I actually look up the most recent news on Scott Walker almost every day. I do this so you don’t have to. The thing is, for the most part, nothing is new. Walker has repeated the same speech over and over again on a daily basis for 8.5 months now. The same speech. A few new things have been added or tweaked, but essentially, it is the same speech.

Yesterday, I read (and now a lot of other media places are picking it up) that Walker burned Hillary Clinton in a tweet. If you follow Walker’s twitter account, you’ll see him throwing loads of info out there that does not say much of anything… and then begs you for money. The best part is reading the responses – which are usually not from his fans.

Now, I’m not necessarily a “Hillary” fan either. I do think that when it comes to a politician telling like it is – you should probably lend an ear to Bernie Sanders. I won’t plug Bernie here either and try to get back to my point.

Walker often refers to the “Obama-Clinton Doctrine” which I suppose is the general idea of the way the Obama Administration has led the country the past few years. I’d like to point a couple of things out.

Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama during the first four years of his term. Since February 2, 2013, she has not been an elected official. She does public speaking for herself as well as the Clinton Foundation. This is a common thing to do after leaving public office. Is she worth the amount of money that is spent to hear her talk? I guess if these people want to pay 200k for a speech – then they must feel she is worth it. Is Bristol Palin worth 262k in 2011 as an abstinence ambassador?

The thing is, once everything had fallen into place… the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly became a Republican deal and Walker was in office – it was super easy to allow ALEC to provide the state with legislation. Walker could let the Sate hash out the issues and simply take credit for things once they passed – which they would now that the Dems were the minority.

In the meantime, Walker has spent at least 8.5 months traveling around the country – and other countries – spending hard-working taxpayer money as well as money from his contributors. Glad-handing America is not moving Wisconsin Forward. Doing it on OUR dime while he condemns a person in the private sector who is simply working is ridiculous.

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