Friday 8.21.15

Best part of August… the skeeters have subsided and the sunflowers bloomed.


Beyond that, I’ve followed the trail of Scott Walker once again this week. Quite an adventure, I suppose, for Scott Walker. For me, it was interesting listening to changes in his speeches over the week.

Earlier in the week he spoke at the Iowa State Fair soapbox. I was feeling sorry for Scott. It was the same damn speech once again. He’s repeated the same lines so many times in the last 8 or nine months – I’m guessing he’d just really welcome some new material. Thank goodness for Protesters!

A group of anti-Walker fans showed up at the soapbox adorned with cheeseheads and anti-Walker signs. One guy got very close to the stage. So close, in fact, that Walker was able to actually put his hand on this sign for a split second. Then, it was snatched out of his hand and he gloriously exclaimed that he would “not be intimidated” (Unintimidated is the long running theme of his campaign and the name of his book).

Here’s the screen grab from the vid I watched…


Now, understand that I watched this while it happened as well as re-watched it a few times to grab that shot. Trust me when I say, he only had his hand on this sign for a split second. Keep that in mind.

Next, he was off to New Hampshire where he spoke at the Barrington town hall event. Part way into the broadcast, the live shot went like this:


It should have gone like this:


The funniest part of the screen was the “Most Popular” stuff going on over on the lower right side. I’m thinking that this is the real testament of how the rest of the country actually does or does not give a shit about the GOP presidential candidates. The top story was some old dude throwing piss on a kid. We probably should have dispatched FEMA for that one.

But here’s the thing: When the feed did come back up, Walker went on to describe the events of the Iowa Soapbox speech from the previous day. He said “One protester actually jumped up on stage”…

BULLSHIT, Scott. I watched the whole fucking thing. Stories like that get some people like Brian Williams fired. No one jumped on stage at any time. This misrepresenter of the truth (lying bastard*) wants to be your President.

Then, never having enough Scott Walker, I somehow went to see if there were nay quotable quotes available…


It should have read like this:


That’s the wild wacky week of SKW. Remember, I do this so you don’t have to.

*His parents were likely married when he was born, so bastard may be a little off. The lying part, I’m sticking to that.

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