Friday 9.4.15


So, Scott Walker is still full of shit.

You really should not start your sentence with “So” like that but I wanted to be hip with the kids.

Actually, I had given this post a lot of thought about how I was going to preface my reaming of Walker with tales of my own understanding and compassion. I was a public servant for a few years, have been married a couple of times, raised some kids, deal with the public on a daily basis. One of my better lines in the pre-revised version of this one was: “it was similar to attempting to have a reasonable discussion with a tired four-year old who had recently consumed mass quantities of cotton candy on a hot and humid day.”

Screw that entire prelude; Scott Walker is still a waste of time.

Watching the Walker ride the last couple of weeks, I only have more questions and observations. Earlier in the year, he seemed to be way out ahead in the polls. I’ve come to realize that those were mainly Iowa polls and much of the rest of the country still does not know who the fuck this guy is. In fact, once Trump became official, Iowa has dropped Walker like a hot potato. Iowa prefers corn and you don’t get any cornier than Trump. Rim shot. Thanks, I’m here all week.

For those of you in the rest of the country reading this – because this is directed at the rest of the country and thanks in advance for your appreciation – this is for you.

Scott K. Walker is a career politician from Wisconsin. Failing to be elected as student Government President while at Marquette and then again losing a bid for Wisconsin State Assembly in 1990, he bungled around for a couple more years until he moved into a more conservative district and won a special election to the State Assembly in 1993. He’s been in one office or another ever since.

This is due to a profound skill in glad-handing people as well as passing legislation that makes it more difficult for voters to turn him down. Eventually, all the stars lined up and Wisconsin went all Republican.

If you read his book, you discover that he had bigger plans for Wisconsin and the rest of the country early on. Those bigger plans were to run for a higher office. The rest of everything else could be taken care of by ALEC and his Republican Assembly and Senate. In fact, the only way ACT 10 was passed was through a slick method of splitting the bill into sections that did NOT require anything more than the Repubs to vote on it. Tricky.

His plan for 250,000 new jobs in his first term was a failure. This is one of the campaign promises that got him elected. He never mentioned ACT 10 as a campaign slogan; this would come after the election. In the book, you see that he had planned this but somehow failed to mention it to the rest of us.

He was recalled and survived it. Not much of a surprise. Not like it was a landslide or anything… he had a majority of the vote. This was due to things like manipulating districts, threatening voter ID and a weak Democratic opponent. The same thing happened in the next election. In one of the debates, he was asked if he would stick around to actually do his job after the election. His answer was yes. Thirty two seconds after the election results were in; he was heading to Iowa.

He had been elected, defeated the unions, beat the recall and was re-elected again when his term was due. That’s winning 3 times in four years. Planned Parenthood was de-funded, funding for mental health was reduced, The Castle Doctrine and concealed carry were passed. We became a right to work state. Women’s health issues and equal pay for women were tossed in the bin. When he tells you that graduation rates are up, I believe it. Stick around here without a diploma and you’re fucked. These kids are not stupid… they know they have a better chance in Minnesota.

Just like any American politician ever, the claim is that Washington is broken. Washington always seems to be broken. The solution always seems to be replacing the failed politicians and failed policies with Washington Outsiders, or, as Walker puts it… a name from the future.

A Name from the future, my ass. Walker is in fact a career politician. He suggests that he is a public servant and not a career politician. Names like Clinton and Bush, in his opinion, are names from the past and that the country is “hungry” for something new… someone who fights and wins, someone who has claimed victory in Wisconsin and frequently quotes his two favorite people: Reagan and Himself.

One of the more identifiable themes that Walker discusses is that the country NOW is not as great as the country in which he grew up. He blames Obama and Hillary Clinton. In fact, he has jammed those two names so tightly together that in his own mush-mouthed manner he refers to them as “Presibama-illryclntn”. What I want to know is, where the fuck did he grow up? What country was this?

I woke up this morning, showered, dressed and headed for the shop. I drove down the block and noticed a few kids gathering at the school bus stop. One of those kids usually waves and says “Hi, Macy’s Grandpa!” I turned the corner and went to the gas station for gas and coffee. While I was pumping gas, another guy said hello and then came over to thank me for a recent banner project. I got coffee, paid for stuff… chatted a bit with the clerk and then came down to the shop.

At no time did any International Crime Organization interfere with my task. At no time did I have to avoid dealing with Radical Islamic Terrorists. At no time did I have to get clearance to get through a massive wall on any border. It was just another day. It was another day when I would just go about my day and mind my own fucking business. I would package up some projects for pickup. I’d do some cleaning and organizing and get ready to go to a birthday party later in the day. Most of the rest of the shit happening around the world would have little or no impact on what I do.

When you read Op-eds by Walker, look at videos with heroic musical overlays, you get the impression that the world has one slim chance to make it – and according to him, he’s our only hope. One of his ongoing suggestions is that not only does he fight and win but he does it without compromising his conservative principles. This is a line he has used several times every day since January 2015. Now that Trump has surged way ahead and Walker has slumped, he is in fact compromising his campaigning tactics in an attempt to boost his numbers.

His new quotable quote this week is that he will “Wreak Havoc” on Washington as he “Wreaked Havoc” in Wisconsin. When you look at what “Wreak Havoc” actually means, you discover that it means “to cause a lot of trouble with something; to ruin or damage something.” It seems to me that this is also the thought process of the people he wants to keep on the other side of the wall.

In summary, Walker is still full of shit.


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